N.Y. Conservtive Radio Talk Show Host Bob GRANT Dies at 84

bob grant 660 

Bob Grant the Don Rickels of  conservative talk radio dead at 84.Grant born Robert Gigante changed his stage name too Bob Grant at a time when it wasn’t fashionable for ethics such as Italians or Jews to use their real last names. My father  used  to listen to him  every day so did my Great Aunt & Uncle.He was the for runner to conservative talk show hosts such as Sean Hanity and Rush Limbuagh ..you might say he paved the way for them.

Truly a Pioneer among conservative talk-show hosts. Eventually his rough style was misconstrued as bigotry and it had him removed from the ABC airwaves.His removal was made after he made crude remarks on air about the April 3, 1996 Airplane crash involving Commerce Secretary Ron Brown.
Grant is survived by his sons, Jeff Grant, of Sun City, Ariz., and Chris Grant, of Fallbrook, Calif., and by his daughters Alisa Mingus of Kalamazoo Mo. and Cynthia Gaydosh, of Bridgewater, N.J., According to an obituary prepared by a New Jersey funeral home./end
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