We Agree With Former N.Y.C Mayor.. Get Rid Of Horse Drawn Carrages!

horse dran carrage


FORMER MAYOR DE Blasio had it right .. get rid of Horse Drawn carriages  IN CENTRAL PARK. IT IS ANIMAL Curilty At it’s BEST. Someone ONCE TOLD ME THAT POLICE DEPARTMENT MOUNTED POLICE HORSES RETIRE ON FARMS .. HOW UNTRUE. the police dept.s do not own or operate farms and the cost IS nearly $20,000 a year to maintenance a horse. THE RETIRED former police dept.mounted police horses wind up being shipped out of the country .They most likely will pull a cart and work hard till the day that they die.Most likely they will be transported yo other countries work if they are  lucky perhaps a a horse riding academy for the rest of their lives .. how sad and  besides did you ever go into tavern on the Green? You could get sick from the horse droppings right before your meal as you smell the stench as you enter their  restaurant. that’s besides the point .It’s just down right cruel to the horses …end of story.



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