Cyber Monday And Brick & Morter Stores Prices Remain High Virtualy No Bargains



Cyber Monday And Brick & Morter Stores Prices  Remain High. I searched the internet for a bargain on Monday  & found no diffrent prices than  2 weeks before , in other words A Big Bunch  of B. S. if you ask me ,but yet Internet sales are at an all time high. Store sales have to be down ,because the Brick & morter stores are virtualy empty this time a year. In the past goods were priced right on Holiday time a formula for brisk sales …not this year

My suggestion is wait a few weeks for the big items  such as T.V. ‘S, Cumputers etc,  they will come around. And may I tell you a trade secret ? Every manufacturer  maintains a quality  control dept,but when they are swamped with orders such as Holiday Time every failed Product whether its an article of clothing,mechanical,electronical or whatever By passes Quality Controll and makes its way out of the plant,even failed QC failed items when orders are orders are very high.When for example there many orders for 36 waist pants 38 waist pants will be tagged as 36..all this broken and malfitting stuff will be returned. But for the moment they will fill all their orders..bottom line next year buy all your holiday gifts in August before  this occurs.

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