Syria The Next Order … His Brother Was Worse

      Bashar al-Assad (cropped).jpg
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I seem to remember old joke , A rabbi was giving a Eulogy at a funeral the rabbi said loudly” can anyone say anything good about the deceased”? No one replied then the rabbi went on and said ” surely someone can someone say one good thing about the deceased”? & a voice yelled back from the audience”HIS BROTHER WAS WORSE”

As much as I got destaine for Assad & most people would agree that the rebels are worse.Well how about Al Qaeda or Hamas inheriting an Air force. Right now Israel has the qualitative edge over their Arab adversaries  but if that happens it becomes a game changer. Israel must knock out the Syrian air force soon their survival may depend on it /end


 Al-Qaeda-linked rebels assault Syrian Christian village – CBS NewsLight Orchid
BBC News – Syria minister: US strike on Syria ‘would benefit al-Qaeda’Light Orchid
Would a strike on Syria benefit Al Qaeda? | Fox NewsLight Orchid



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