A Hospital Is Only As Good As The Hospital Administrator

Ever sit and wait in an emergency Room for  hours when its not realty crowded ? Did you ever see the  Emergency Room Staff rush like they do in the movies or T.V. shows running with a crash cart ? Ever been an inpatient & have a nurse who didn’t give a crap and lets you ring from your bedside from today till tomorrow and is non totally unresponsive? I’m sure at one time or anonther we all heard that cry of “Help Me” coming from some elderly poor soul  being ignored all night long .We’ve all experienced  the Doctor that thinks his crap don’t stink with absolutely no bed side manner and believes his Dr. Title is an elevation in society similar go that of an English Earl. Ever seen low level patient care givers and nurses that seem to have no supervision, well we all have at one time or another, this is because the people upstairs  mainly The Administrator doesn’t care one way or another.
There are things that you can do to make your lot an easier one , for example
 1 If you have  a problem go to the Patient Advocate ( Thou they  employed by the hospital , they are a State  Mandated Entity)
 2. If you have  a problem with a Nurse … go to the head of Nursing
 3.  Having a  problem with a social worker .. go to head of Social Work
4.Having a problem with a Doctor . go to head of Surgery  State Dept. of Health  or Dept, of Education
 5. Or simply make  a complaint to the Board of Assurances
( may vary by the rules and laws  of each state



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