Uppermangement In Major Non Profit Agencies Profit Plenty



Cabaret- Money

I was just reading a series of articles on how  the Girl Scouts are in financial  trouble.You see the Moms that are the scout leaders don’t get paid plus the scouts that sell the cookies to raise money don’t get paid either ..However there are many paid employees that make big bucks yet they say that “The Girl Scouts”are not doing well. It has come to our attention that they are selling off land that they owned and have been using for camping and or picnics grounds to pay for the Large Pensions and Perks given to those high salary upper management executives and  highly paid employees.. Outrageous !!!
Most charitable entities have a volunteer force but a paid regulate the crew with all kind of perks.this is un exceptable.One  example”Many charities and non-profit organizations  are in receipt of government grants and stand to make a windfall in cash coming in.While all the higher-ups take advantage of Junkets and Big Bonus’s not to mention  all of those Huge 6 figure Salaries…. Mean while all the Mom’s and  the other low level volunteers that go door to door soliciting  donations out of goodness of their Hearts.So we urge everyone to insist on an annual statement from each and every charity that you intend to donate to.Do not be shocked if you find out of all the money that they collect that only as  little as 3% goes to the intended cause..Guess where the other 97% goes to?
So keep this in all in mind when you donate or don’t donate . /end
👧 Scout camps dispute continues – Quad-City Times



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