Retail Business Today… Nothing Has a Value

Merv Griffin – I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts                                                                   
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    When I was growing up in N.Y.C  we had one Deli to a neighborhood,  One luncheonette or candy store one Chinese takeout, One Pizzeria , one Dry cleaners, One Grocery store… get the picture,  If you didn’t like the store or its owner , it was a great hardship to travel to the  next neighborhood and do Your shopping, every store had a resale value. Today you can get in your car and in 5 minutes go to a dozen stores to play lotto or get bagels , Pizza ,take out or whatever  you choose, stores no longer have a resale value as in the past.

  Today if your in business you can’t take off and  close your shop down for a day , let alone a week people go else where and  don’t return or return , but split their trade with you and other shops . Bottom line is when your in retail business for yourself today , you work an 80 hour work week  like a dog and can’t take a day off and it has virtualy no resale value .end

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