Boycott KFC Send Them A Strong Message

          While the rumor mill circulates rumors that KFC does not use chicken but  genetically raised  non poultry entities proved false, The truth comes out about their chicken suppliers abuse of chickens.  I never witnessed such gross abuse of livestock anywhere ,  it downright disgusting  . After witnessing it I urge everyone not to patronize KFC.A while back A KFC in N.Y.C. was rat infested  city health inspector was fired for giving a blind eye to the rat infestation of a particular location, but whats even worse is that KFC inspects their own franchises and sweep it under the rug.
 I’m posting you tubes of the abuse and rat infestation,*viewer discretion advised  
kentucky fried chicken – chicken abuse by pamela anderson …Light Orchid
kentucky fried chicken – chicken abuse Hidden video – YouTubeLight Orchid
PETA video of KFC farmhouse abusing chickens. (Warning: Graphic …Light Orchid
Rats Swarm KFC-Taco Bell In NY – CBS News Video Light Orchid           

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