Major Oil Companies Reluctant To Have Mechanic Bays at Their Gas STATIONS

                Major brand name oil companies are reluctant to have mechanic Bays at their name brand gas stations, in it place you will find convenience stores and food marts. The reason behind this switch is that the major Gasoline companies know that mechanics are among the most crooked   people, for time and time immemorial unscrupulous mechanics have cheated and racked the consumer over the coals so hence they no longer want any association with them, apparently in the past there have been many law suits against major oil companies because of the dishonest Auto Mechanics doing  business under the banner of big oil.
So dont be shocked or suprised to see an unfamiliar gasoline brand accompaning a mechanics bay today  or a mini mart in place of  an auto Mechanic/end

Don Lerman Blog  Administrator and Editor


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One comment on “Major Oil Companies Reluctant To Have Mechanic Bays at Their Gas STATIONS

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