There Should be A New World Wide Consenses On Who is A Jew

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All the Rabbinical groups from Orthodox to  Conservative , Re-constructionist  and Reform as well  as Karaite should have a world conformance on who is a Jew.  Rabbinical Judaism says it one who is born to a Jewish mother This stems from Roman times in Ancient Judea where  the  off spring involving Roman soldiers as fathers  whether the children should be considered Jewish


Karaite law says it one born to a Jewish father (Paternal) as ascendancy from a Kohane(priest).Until the end of WWII only for formal conversions  were performed in case not involving marriage …a declaration as a Jew was enough. I don’t think this will pass muster among the Chasidic  sects or todays Haredi but they are not the barometer as to what  is and what is not  Jewish. I got to believe that anyone who proclaims himself as Jewish or has Jewish ancestry can & should be accepted as Jews.



Gustoff Zhychick Says;

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