Becco & Restaurant Row Special Review*****

On west 46th Street in Manhattan there is a tiny hamlet of great eateries known as restaurant Row
Unlike Little Italy which is primarily for tourists this street is for the locals and those in the know.
I had Veal cutlet  with the bone in .. outstanding it was huge was long like a filet of flounder. They also have  come to the table with big pans of pasta …3 different kinds that change daily (all the pasta you can eat.I left bloated and contented it was 64th birthday meal from my nephew.Main level and upstairs dinning as well as outdoors, The menu is limited but what they have is 1st rate ! Go  there I highly recommend this block it has a variety of ethnic places  you can’t go have a great meal…and I assure you that you will!

    Location. 355 West 46th Street New York, NY 10036 … Get a Gift Card to Becco · Join our Team … More B&B Restaurants. Visit our other restaurants nationwide …




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