U.S. Should Have Dropped An A- Bomb on North Korea Long Ago



          The U S Never Should Have Looked The Other Way When North Korea Made It Known That They  Have plans for targeting  U.S instillations and God only knows where else.They run these exersizes with blank bombs. Make no mistake about North Korea means business and is no friend of the U.S. or the West.
Drop massive leaflets to evacuate the city’s and drop an A Bomb to show our resolve and mettle.The hatred they have for the U.S. is irrational.The North Korean’s have a puppet as dictator with his strings being pulled by the North Korean Army.While their peoople are starving they continue to posture  against the U.S.
It Is Widely Known That Eisenhower Sacrificed Our Prisioners Of War As An Aggrement To End Our Involvement In The Korean War..Many Were Transfered Over To Red China And Then Made Their  Way To Mother Russia where They Lived Out Their  lives.Lets Not Forget The Publo Takeover In 1968


No rinky dink nation should ever process a nuclear device and make either threats or dictate terms to  the U S.

Think About What We Just Said.

WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

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