Palestinian State Say No..Say Yes The 22 Arab Nations Absorbing Brother Arabs(Arab Nations Shaded In Green)



Lets not have  a 23rd Arab nation. what is needed is for the 22 Arab nation to Absorb to so called 70 year refugees.Any Arm twisting should be  squarely on the 22 Arab countries shaded Green (which compromises a geographical  area the size of the continental U.S). & not  on Israel (shaded in Red ) to accept and absorb their fellow Brother Arabs. Also there are an addition 30 more non-Arab Muslim Nations that they can go to.
These same Arabs when they immigrate to the U.S.A are very unhappy applying themselves to the American standard and law while romanticizing those 52 Muslims nations.
The solution is two-fold….  First let them show some fervor & Insist that their‏ Brother Arabs absorb them into any of 22 Arab nations or let them apply to go to any of the 30 additional Muslim Nations.Leave Israel alone to enjoy that tiny piece of real estate the size of New Jersey “Their Ancestral Homeland”.
There are no moderate Arab Nations.The Olympics tought us that .Remember when opposing Olympic players from “Moderates Arab Nations” downright refused to shake an Israeli Olympic Players Hand?.

 Lets face facts the Arabs don’t want a Jewish state even if its only 1 inch wide and they would fight tooth &  nail with every fiber of their strength to retake that one inch …Who’s fooling Who ?
More on Arab immigrants, So called “Palestinians”. When they started …Image result for hand pointing picture
Europe got rid of at least six million Jews and replaced
them  with 20.milliom.Muslims.Image result for hand pointing picture
WORLD HITS ON INTERNATIONAL HEROLD QUARTER/.Image result for hand pointing picture

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