L.I.R.R Hickville Station New Home Of The Hobos(Bums)




Louis Armstrong – Hobo, You Can’t Ride This Train 

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          The L.I.R.R Hickville Station is now the Home Of The Hobos. I went there at night around 930  pm the waiting room was open and I was hesitant to buy a ticket at the vending machine, you see its not wise to open your wallet with all these hobos , bums and drug addicts that hangout there day and night. Where are the MTA police? not there for sure.
I was driving on the  Southern State highway now that’s a state road and the N.Y. State troopers  are supposed to patrol , however there was a Nassau county police car pulling over cars  . why I thought? they don’t patrol on that road , why not have that Nassau county police car patrol the L.I.R.R Hicksville station & assist the MTA police rather than the  State Troopers? it would be better serve the community thats  for sure , Listen up MTA  police start patrolling the Hicksville Station and let the MTA  earn that outrageous rate increase, round up the hobos and put them in shelters  away from the station ./end

-* not actual picture of  one of Hicksville Rail Road  Station Hobos

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