Al kiadda is Harder to Defeat and Fight than Hitlers Army and WWII”S Japanese Army

al kiadda  is harder tho beat and fight than Hitlers army and WWII”S Japanese army, They are all over the middle east and now they are taking over countries either by force or  cohesion with  allies such as the Moslem Brotherhood & Hamas, Never has there been an adversary so tough and difficult to defeat as this . Their strength can not be taken lightly nor their resolve, what they do they do with  great motivation and near perfect. Our resolve in the west must be 10 fold  of theirs , Old war tactics don’t work in this fight, eventually we  will need some type of draft or Foreign legion or mercenary army on our side to defeat them as  a volunteer Armed forces is not enough. As the Lerman Report Laid out in another story a while back on   starting a FOREIGN LEGION Orchid

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