Koch , Buried in Non Jewish Cemetary.. Right or Wrong? Right!

                   Mayor Ed Koch Chose to be buried in Trinity Church’s  Cemetery , was he wrong as a Jew to do this? I say no , why? because  Jewish Cemeteries.    and Jewish Funeral homes have become a business, strictly a business of non Jewish ownership. Its no longer a religious rite to be in a Jewish  funeral parlor  but a vehicle to put money in the coffers of Cemetery. and funeral  parlor ownership , plain and simple .
When my grandfather died  we wanted an open casket , the funeral director at a Jewish  funeral parlor  which I shall omit the name  for this story  read us the riot act on Jewish law , When it came to sign the  contact  the agreement or funeral contact he signs his name Nunzio ——. My mother seeing that laced into him.well that’s the way it is no longer a Jewish Ritual to be interred at a Jewish Cemetery or funeral homes of non Jewish ownership and this  applies to them all believe it or not Just ask any Jew who just used one an buried their loved one . A Jewish funeral home and Jewish Cemetery should and always was a Jewish functionary Like Jewish Clergy… no more   Koch was not wrong  in what he did .end
Koch Was Proudly Jewish, but on His Own Terms – NYTimes.com

2 days ago – The former mayor’s burial site is classic Edward I. Koch: he rejected a Jewish cemetery for Trinity Church Cemetery, an Episcopal site open to …

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