Brain Transplant On The Horizon

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  Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign       In the not to far future there will be  a successful Human brain transplant.We have already witnessed arm  and face transplants but the brain ah!  but that’s sonething else.
Bodies will most likely be harvested from Car and motorcycle accident victims whose brain is shattered but the body is good  matched with someone old or is an aging or cripple but sound of mind. That  accident Brain damaged individual  and from the use of  that persons delema  cam be made into one new person! So put yourself the future list and get a harvested body.
There is a gray area as to what age you would be considered  example..Lets say that you’re a 90-year-old individual and your put in a 30-year-old body , would Social Security take away your retirement SS check?   We shall see soon. AT this very time scientists and doctors are working on it .So let’s be hopeful end/
Can you have a brain transplant
The First Brain Transplant – YouTube
Gustoff Zhychick Says;
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