Brain Transplant On The Horizon


Wizard of Oz Scarecrow If I only had a brain song 

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 In the not to far future there will be  a successful Human brain transplant ,  We have already witnessed arm , and face transplants, but the brain,ah That’s something else, bodies will most likely be harvested from Car and motorcycle accident victims, whose brain is shattered but the body is good , someone old in an aging or crippled body can get on the future list and get a harvested body.
There is a gray area as to what age you would be considered , example , lets say that your a 90 year old individual and your put in a 30 year old body , would Social Security take away your retirement SS check?   we shall see soon. AT this very time scientists and doctors are working on it .So lets be hopeful end/
Can you have a brain transplant


Robert J. White Neurosurgeon Cleveland Medical Hospital Ohio.


Moses Lerman. Blog Administrator And Editor


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