Finally My Prayers Are Answered… 36 Years To Late

Coleman Hawkins – Body & Soul(2:42)

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Back in 1974… Read On

, I owned a day old bread store ( Silvercup Discount Bakery) I build up a trade ,  advertised and   after  i had built it up A wonder Bread Thrift store open right across the street and took all my business way , They ( the suits from ITT  Bakery spied my store for several months , rented an  old Bicycle shop across the street at a cost of $3,5oo a month , I was paying $300 a month rent And renovated  the place to a tune  to  $50.000 in today’s inflation that would be 1  $100,000 plus dollars ..
What they wanted  was a ready made market with no risk , I mean this was ITT , for that kind of rent they could have opened up anywhere at any location in the major Blvd or main mall in my  area . No ethics whatsoever .
As I viewed  my customers  shopping at the Wonder Hostess Thrift  Shop  owned by ITT ( the telephone company) it was like  a knife being turned in my stomach. I prayed to o G-D to put them out of Business but my  prayers would be answered 35 years later. better late than never, as they are going out of Business  Like an end of a brutal empire coming to an end the world and me breaths a sigh of relief/

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