Anti Jewish World Votes for Palestinian Statehood


  This us what  the today is a nothong less thsn  Hitler speaking…

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  Antisemitism reared its ugly head at the United Nations general Assembly Yesterday in a vote where nearly the  whole  world voted in favor of a Palestinian State.They really don’t give a shit about the poor the Palestinian  Arabs as they say they do .This is just a repackaged way in order to veil their deep seated Jewish hatred under the cloak ar and ohaters and  take up the Palestinian rights. They do this by crapping in the face of world Jewry.They are continuibg to do whath Hitler didn’t succeed in in doing .Yes folks it’s as simple as that.
    I can see and understand European nations being  Anti Jewish with their history,but China Japan , Korea and south Asian & African nations that never had Jews in their population that’s  sad that they should sub come to this hatred when  never had Jewish contact , Shame on them
 This got to be  awake up call for all Jews of every branch from Ashkenazic  to Sephardic to Chasidic To Karaite to reformed and secular to unite  in the brotherhood of Jews and take a stand against this Hitleresque move  before there is no Israel.Remember when no nation would take in a shipload of Jews fleeing Germany in 1938  even the U.S.A.? This can’t  happen again and it can if Israel is Destroyed  . Imagine only 3 countries stood shoulder to shoulder with the U.S And rejected Palestinian  Statehood.That doesn’t say much for U.S influence and arm twisting . Jews Stand up for Israel  and take pride in yourself./end


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