Attention Auto Manufactures Help Wipe out The Ding

 What is a Ding you say? well its a small dent from some schmuck opening his or her car door against your car with  great force and disregard for your car. There is a law in many New York Municipalities as to how many car stalls can be painted in a parking lot , and it’s almost always not enforced, hence the other guys car is  parked to close to yours and  WAM! you get a ding. Today the gauge of metal on the car doors makes  it very inviting for a ding.
I feel its worst than a big dent, at least with a big dent you can use your collision or comprehensive eon your insurance  policy ,with the ding or on your own , howsoever there is a  contraption called ”Pop A Dent” or ” Ding King” that may or may not get the ding out with good results , for More professional results there is an outfit called  ”Dent Doctor” for around  $150-$230 a ding or as many dings on a panel. I  had 4 dings removed from my car . 2 on the front passengers  door for $250 for  1 on the front drivers door a done by my gas cap for$150 all not covered by insurance. If the paint is damage dinging the car , the ding  can be removed , but you will have a missing section of paint.In that case the whole entire door must be repainted. What we all should do is write each and every Auto Manufacture and demand that the gauge of metal be of a stronger or some kind of ding profs panel be made like the old Saturn’s or Fieros which were fashioned from a  Dings proof panel on a space  frame . It breaks my heart when I see a Ding my car, I always park it far away in the lot and walk a great distance to the store to avoid getting hit but i still get  dings. end.

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