NO SSI or Welfare for Non Citizens

 The federal government should not give any federal welfare SSI  Food stamps  or Medicaid to Immigrant non Citizens , They should relay strictly on sponsors upon entering this great country, if they didn’t put into the system they shouldn’t takeout of the system, Let it be up to private institutions  and houses of worship to support elderly immigrants, let  the young and healthy can and will work or should  be deported . 
Many American citizens have medical insurance and it come s a time when they are hospitalized and  the insurance runs out and they are asked to leave, whether its a nursing home  rehab or whatever . those non citizens aliens  on medicade can stay in hospitals   and receive medical benefits forever in perpetuity. this is the injustice in the system. One person can take millions out of the system , money that can remain in the governmental  coffers and go for defense or infrastructural rebuilding or  a thousand other things .end




One comment on “NO SSI or Welfare for Non Citizens

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