Wal-Mart East Meadow N.Y, Lets A Homeless Hobo, Camp in Front OF Store All day & Night& Drink Beer

       Wal-Mart of  East Meadow N.Y, Lets  a Bum (Hobo, Homeless) man  Camp in  Front OF Store  All day & Night. There is a homeless man What they used to be called Bowery type Bums  sit in front of  its east meadow N.Y. store located on Hempstead Turnpike and camp out drinking Beer all day & Night.  Sometimes he sleeps in the lobby on the scooter’s Numerous complaints were made to the store manager which practicably ignores all complaints-and does nothing , sometimes they call security, but he ‘s always there day after day.
I personalty called the main office of Wal-Mart and they said they can’t do nothing about it , that they call police but  he’s not breaking any laws
I said listen 
1 he’s drinking beer in public
2, hes malingerering
3. he’s loitering
4, vagrancy and you can’t or will not do anything?   It looks terrible , he sleeps in the lobby, the employees talk & smoke with him on their break. they went on to say their hand are tied and all but dismissed the matter . I went on and said look I have compassion for him , but its not nice when you shop and your family has to see this,and he belongs in a shelter or Psych ward to get proper help he needs. I went on to say that I once owed and operated  a retail store and if this guy was camping out drinking in front of my store ,I’d call the cops and he  would be gone from the area. they ended the converstaion with we cant do anything. This is ticking clock a future bad situation ready to happen ,hes drinking all day ( in front of the store )and he not normal and  Walmart knows about him and everyone safety is  at jeopardy Walmart is  responsible .end



  Neighbors Concerned with Safety Issues Surrounding Walmart click here to read
 *Hobo no longer resides at Walmart East meadow however a new bum now lives at the edge of the parking lot at stop and shop  on the grass and stays by Stop and Shop, the 1st day the Hobo was no longerr at WAlmart they had a Salvation Army Bell ringer in his spot . yes in July how strange!

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