Just Not Fair


195 Bill Farrell – It Isn’t Fair

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If you talk on a cell phone while driving you can get a $150 fine in most jurisdictions, plus 3 points on your licence       (in NY State ) in addition your insurance company will tie in to the motor vehicle computer and your insurance  rate will increase.Howeverif your eating a large Corned Beef Sandwich or Meatball Hero  while driving they can do nothing to you.
if you light up a cigarette in a restaurant they can demand that you leave plus you still will be liable to.pay the bill on your  unfinished meal ..They will have you arrested and fined .However if you sit in an eatery and break wind they can do absolutely nothing to you.
 If you spit on a subway platform your in for a $300 fine , but if you puke your home free.
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