Egyptians and Syrians getting Screwed , , where is the U.N.?

Egyptian MusicRight click open link in new tab to hear Human Ear Clip Art

Egyptians and Syrians getting the shaft , where is the outcry from the U.N. General Assembly  or the European Heads of state ? There is none, When Israel farts on the West bank you hear an  Internationale uproar,now in Syria &  Egypt you hear none . while scores of people are being butchered wholesale. What is in order is  A Naval Blockade for Syria and  a blockcade of the Suez Canal  letting no goods in or out of the country except medicine.

 For the  Army to instale Mubracks V.P. as head of state is  a slap in the face to those who put themselves at-risk  ever day to  have  democracy.end

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