Time To Rethink Civil Service Pensions

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Time to To Rethink Civil Service Pensions, when civil service first started it was a secure job but a low paying one , but what most jobs failed to have, is a pension after 20 years of employment, But today a civil service worker gets a full benefit package.  Major medical hospitalization plan vacation , They can start at 18 years old retire at 38 years of age  and with the life span of 80 years old today can work for 20years but collect for 50, that’s outrageous , with overtime civil servants make as much as professional collage graduates, times are tough and we can no longer as taxpayer pay for this exces
. The pensions were made back in  the day when the  interest rate was 18%,and you were able to double invested money in 4years today its 1% , afar cry from yesterday, the only one crying today the taxpayer .pensions must be reduced or eliminated now its breaking each and every municipality, get rid ofthem now.

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