Donna Simpson and Susan Eman – Update


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    These two mothers have goals to be the fattest women in the world. Both weigh an astonishing amount. I know Donna at least says she wishes to be 1000lbs. Of course they are two women who are highly critized for this, especially because they are mothers. I don’t agree with them whatsoever, but I am so curious as to what makes these women so acceptable to their failing health. I’m all for loving yourself, but part of loving yourself to me is taking care of yourself. I just wanted to hear your opinion on them. I feel sorry for them because they were probably teased all their lives and instead of turning themselves onto a more healthier, positive route, they chose a more “F*** it, I’m already fat anyway” route and exploit themselves. It’s no different from watching someone kill themselves. And worse of all, their kids are watching their mothers’ suicide. What do you all think of this?


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2 comments on “Donna Simpson and Susan Eman – Update

  1. goosmoo says:

    I should clarify that I was referring to Eman. I didn’t realize there was another female (with kids!!!) attempting the same thing.

    Something is wrong with our society if we continue allowing these kids to be neglected this way.


  2. DoyleJChainey says:

    At this time I am going to do my breakfast, when having my breakfast coming over again to read additional news.


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