Let me start  by saying that I will always continue to greet and wish those who are of the Christian faith a “Merry Christmas” but hope that if you don’t know me personally and know my faith please greet me by saying Happy Holidays.

If you know me then please extend a Happy Hanukkah greeting to me.If you don’t  know me a Happy Holidays are in order.There are only 3 different Holidays that take place at this juncture in time Christmas,Chanukah, and Kwanza.When coming in contact with strangers a Happy Holiday” greeting is in order as they can be a half a dozen different faiths who do not celebrate Christmas.

 When I was growing up as a Jew in the 1950′s in N.Y. C. all year you were an American a part of society all year except from The day after Thanksgiving to New Years Day you were alienated from society.In school in Assembly I remember Christmas songs being taught and sung and I asked when are we going to sing Hanukkah Songs only to get a wise guy smirk from the teachers. The Christmas decoration were up on every main Street U.S.A. and every T.V. show had a Christmas special or theme not to mention every radio station playing Christmas songs.It was like We Jews were aliens In the country for 1 month a year
Mind you my family were loyal upstanding citizens who served in armed forces going back from Civil War Times.Please don’t get my wrong Jews find nothing offense about Christmas songs ….decorations and such it it’s very nice..but not ours
I always considered it an  honor  to be invited to help enjoy Christmas Dinner at  a friends home..It’s just that we have our Holiday  in the same juncture of time & we were being disenfranchised  all over America.

Today with the inclusion Hanukkah in the ‘Holiday Season” makes me feel good that no Jew in America will be alienated once again… Even thou Hanukkah is not the most Holiest of  Jewish Holidays it plays a paramount importance to Jews in today society..



  1. laurel2000 says:

    Your list of only 3 holidays at this time of year either deliberately or inadvertently left out Winter Solstice, the original reason for the season. For many of us, that is THE main holiday of the season. Next time, do your homework before making comments that are blatantly wrong and insulting in their exclusion of so many of us.


    • Winter solstice are you for real?
      How about east coast ground hog day a well?
      This is a religious based Holiday season..and We stick by our report 100%


      • laurel2000 says:

        Absolutely I’m for real, and I’m not alone. I follow an Earth-based spiritual path, and we celebrate the Solstices, Equinoxes, and cross quarter days–Imbolc, May Day/Beltane, Lughasadh, and Samhain. The US military recognizes paganism as a religion. Excluding this growing population is offensive, especially when almost all holidays celebrated at this time of year originated with ancient Winter Solstice celebrations. Do some research.


      • I could buy your argument & find aceeptance in a Celtic and pre Judeo-Christian era holiday A while back I heard of Muslim Day U.S.A & I’m all for day as wel.I know from first hand exspriencene that no one should ever have to be alienated in American society..even for 1 day..but when you throw in communist May Day in the mix
        . that’s where we part wsys.


    • Are you for real? How about east coast ground hog day as well.The holiday seaon is relgous based and we stick by our post 100%


  2. laurel2000 says:

    Donmoseslerman, I’m not talking about the communist May Day but the completely unrelated spring celebration of May 1 as roughly the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. This festival of fire and fertility, with its accompanying Maypole dance, has been celebrated long before communism existed even as a theory.

    It’s not just pagans who are increasingly celebrating the nature-based seasonal holidays. Many secular people, agnostics, and atheists also celebrate these as an alternative to traditional religion. So saying that acknowledging Winter Solstice as a holiday at this time of year is appropriate only in a Celtic or pre-Judeo-Christian context is erroneous and amounts to denial that a growing movement outside the Judeo-Christian tradition exists. Doesn’t that amount to alienating an entire population? The US is becoming more diverse, not just in terms of race but also in terms of religion. Soon, we may be a country of many minorities with no majority. If you don’t want to feel alienated, the last thing you should be doing is alienating others.


    • I stand corrected
      .Thank you for enlighting both myself and
      My readership that others indeed celebrate holidays that this junction in time which are neither Christmas Chanukah or Kwanzam
      I’m a bit embraced by my ignorance of others like yourself who also have days set a side at this time that theycherish and observe well.
      Please accept my sinsere apology’s concerning your Holidays and enjoy the season..Don “Moses”Lerman


      • Laurel Kornfeld says:

        Apology accepted. No problem. Glad to have a chance to inform people of traditions they might otherwise not know. Happy New Year!


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