Don Lerman Redems Himself Wins 1st Annual Dukes Wings!





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Don Lerman redeems himself after choking at Madison Wisconsin by winning The 1st annual Dukes Bar chicken wing contest.      he ate 69 wings mostly flats not ( drum sticks )  in 7 minutes,to second place who ate only 43. the crowd was ecstatic . Lerman won  a $100 gift certificate and a trophy and his picture on the wall  as well as all the drinks he can have , he had 7 hurricanes . of contest click


9 comments on “Don Lerman Redems Himself Wins 1st Annual Dukes Wings!

  1. John fitzgerald says:

    You have besmirched yourself to the IFOCE with your challenges and alliance with a copycat eating organization. For all they have done for you this is how you show your gratitude? Shame on you i say shame on you.


  2. the I.F. C. E. did nothing for me , but reduced me to a tag along. this contest was an independent contest, but Aice is a great organization who respects all their eaters from the top to the last place ones. I should have left MLe long ago.


  3. There were 17 people in the contest, who sadly all thought they were going to win. Mostly Guys in their mid-20’s, some claiming to be pro wing eaters. 62 year old Don Lerman literally lapped the 16 other people and was on an eating frenzy like the Don of old.

    The Veteran eater knew to pour cold water on the temperature hot wings, and the meatiness of the wings was a pleasure to Don (while the others hit the wall)


  4. Shana says:

    Don wins the crown in my neighborhood! Murray Hill Wing King!


  5. Ernie fetsie says:

    Don you beat a bunch of no bodys the same way you beat a bunch of nobody in the last rd of glutton bowl and burger contest in Minnesota. Same shit Don Lerman vs Don Lerman


  6. the tally speaks for itself 69 wings exstremly large mostly flats not drum sticks. I could have taken anyone that day, but i’ll tell you one thing about theses so called non eaters they were what I call fressers ( big eaters) and a great bunch of sports, and Fetsie whats your worth m what contests did you ever win?HUm HUm Hum?


  7. Don Lerman says:

    To Ernie fetsie in Duluth Minn. at the Willys Garage Hamburger contest . I competed at all 4 contest in 3 days and won everyone by a large margin. Give credit where credit is due , you would not have knocked any other eater had they won at Dukes Saturday , you always knock The Lermnan report yet continue to read it Why?


  8. I will not compete again, God gave me a second chance to go out a winner in style. I wasn’t going to compete in the Zans Latkes this year ,I did it as a courtesy to Arnie Chapman for giving me a 2nd chance at competing and becoming a champ once more , I let him down in Madison and chocked early on , largely to an ulcerate tongue and benzocane on it , it was an embarrassment for me, I would appreciate if He would let me be a celebrity judge in the future non payed of course. But like I said you don’t often get 2 chances at walking away a winner , I”m threw as a competiter .I”m a senor citizen now and my place is as a judge … Yours Truly Don ”Moses” Lerman


  9. Good luck to all competiing next year at dukes you ‘ll nee it ,Moses


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