Jewish Liberals Making Fools Of Themselves On the World Stage



Jewish Liberals are making fools out of themselves all over the world stage.

When they attempt to break the  the Israeli Naval Blockade  of Palestinian ships which most likely is bringing in contraband remains a classic example of their absurdity.


The world is laughing  at them as they make big clowns out of themselves.


Arab nations all looking to make peace with Israel are fed up with Palestinian Intransigence and viloance they can’t take it any more either.

The lines to sign the Abraham Accords with Israel rivals the long lines at Disneyland.

Does ant of these Jewish Liberals ever look in mirror and see how the rest of the planet views them? They are the laughing stock of the world.No nation ever had a lasting peace when apologists,self haters and those who favor  capitulation ever  had  any input in Policy.


We say this to those are embarrassed or ashamed of their heritage in any way ..Step aside and convert to another faith and be done with your burden.


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