U.S. Should Start Charging Japan and NATO Countries for Defence

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 The U.S should start billing our allies for us protecting them, Japan is now one of the most richest of nations.Allthough they have no natural resources yet they grew filthy rich because the U.S. pays for their defense.Plus they refuse to open their markets to US trade ..this must stop ! Our serviceman fight for Iraqi freedom and how do they repay us by raking us over coals for a barrel of oil.
That’s obscene it’s not descent. it must stop.
The  U.SA  will has to tighten their belts while the NATO countries and Japan live high on the hog . Yet they hate Americans and bites the hand that feed them .We keep on giving millions in foreign aid to countries that hate us don’t support us at the UN while our cities are in dire need for cash and we can’t help them out. time to wake up.

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