Boycott Jason Biggs Next Movie

Resumption of Jewish News..

      I just finished watching the Jason Biggs movie” Wedding Daze”/ I was highly offended as the comic relief in this movie is a not so subtle  Antisemitism. There is a character who is a step father and they portray him as a schmuck with a   Yalmulka and always color coordanted it to match his shirt and is a milk-toast and in the final part of the movie is a total coward. It wasn’t called for to have comic relief at the expense of Jews . Perhaps the studios are trying to shed a Jewish portrayed image that Biggs has from his other films , I don;t know , but I was highly insulted as were the other jews and Non Jews watching this movie in at my home, I don;t know the story lines of his other films but if this film is any example, I say Bocott Jason Biggs next Film, send Hollywood a message..Don Lerman

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