Boycott Jason Biggs Next Movie

 We just finished watching the Jason Biggs movie” Wedding Daze”/ We were highly offended as the comic relief in this movie is a not so subtle Antisemitism. There is a character who is a step father and they portray him as a schmuck with a yarmulke and always color coordinated it to match his shirt and is a milk-toast and in the final part of the movie is a total coward.
It wasn’t called for to have comic relief at the expense of Jews .Perhaps the studios are trying to shed a Jewish portrayed image that Biggs has from his other films or perhaps the Hollywood Studio’s are attempting to distance themselves from former Jewish ownership and dominance in the movie Industry. We don’t know  if that is accually so but it this subtle Anti Semitic for lack if a better word “theme” was a  highly insulted  injecting that into the Movie. Jews and Non Jews watching this movie were offended.We don’t know the story lines of his other films but if this film is any example..then We say boycott Jason Biggs next Film & send Hollywood a message..


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