Don ‘Moses” Lerman’s 2008 Rosh Hashana Feast

Uncle's Pictures 316.jpg I personalty cooked everything from stuffed cabbage , kasha varnishes, Potato latkas Noodle pudding sweet potatos Kreplach and chicken soup aTurkey and 2 Briskets(1 for the kreplach),plus a fish plater and an un traditional; Italian Antipasto platter it took 3 days all together to cook this year I’m doing the same

stuffed cabbageDon Lerman’s Stuffed Cabbage’s

Ingredients as Follows…..
2 large cans of redpack crushed tomatoes
1 large can tomatoe sauce Such as Del Monty ,hunts or Redpack
I large box of dark raizons
1 box george washington rich brown gravy mix
1 small can of accent
1 box Carolina rice
1 lemon
1, box dark brown sugar
3 medium Heads green cabbage
1 golden delious apple\
1 large yellow onion ( same size as apple)
2 eggs
1 1/2 lbs kosher chop meat ( socked and salted , skirt neck and diapram)

Directions to cook as follows…..
1 boil down the cabbage heads . and I mean boil them down until soft otherwise it;ll taste like an inner tube
2. grate oniom
3. grate apple cans of crushed tomato and sauce and pour in large stock pot
5.put grated apple in stock pot with sauce
6. put grated onion in stock pot with sauce]
7.put box of brown sugar in ( don’t even try to use white cane sugar , brown only)
8.put 2 packet george washingtons rich brown gravy mix in pot
9.shake a little accent in pot

————in a separate pot boil rice”1 cup” ————-

10. mix chop meat with 2 eggs in large bowl add cooked rice ( let rice cool otherwise eggs in chop meat will curdle)
11. cabbage ( cut away vein ) cool under cold water for a minute
12. put leaves on table and add meat mixture.. roll up!
13.put rolled leave sin center of pot with sauce mixture
13 put on medium heat for 3 hrs
14 at very end add juice of 1 lemon( do not add before or it will be to sour)

–sometimes it doesn’t have ”the taste ” until the next day when it cures overnight in the fridge that’s the nature of stuffed cabbage don’t worry

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