Yiddish And Ashkenazic Culture Going to the Wayside


 Many Jews of the Baby Boomer Generation  remember their parents speaking Yiddish as a secret language so we  didn’t know what they were speaking about.They always had to throw in an English word in and for the moment lost the secrecy of their conversation. Many Jews now in my 60′s and above know what we are talking about. Yiddish a language rich in culture and literature, “The Mamaloshen” The Mother Tongue that served the Jews of  Eastern and central Europe well for nearly 1000 years  was put to death by a generation of selfish parents who rather maintain a secret language to speak in front of their children than pass on a Heritage.
They are not the only ones to shoulder the blame for destroying a culture. The modern state Israel shares some blame as well. When the Jews where coming in from Europe after World War 11 Soldiers harassed those openly speaking Yiddish and were reminded to speak Hebrew. The Government supplied paper for newspapers and wouldn’t supply paper for Yiddish Publications. Paper for Yiddish daily s had to be bought on Black market and was whatever color that was available & it was not unusual to see news papers with red color paper for Yiddish publications.If Israel had made Yiddish the national language.Even when many Jews are nice enough to accept make a. Minion call so those can say kadish they remain  chided for using their schooled upbringing Ashknazic pronounciation.Uterly disrespectful to say the least.

When Did Challey Change It’s Name To Challah?


We can only imagine how many pre WW II immigrants to America would have packed up and left America for Israel in 1949. We are upset when our Ashknazic  pronunciation is being corrected in Shul it’s not right.There is a Rabbi in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area that’s says in his advertisement”I use the old-fashioned Ashkenazic  Pronunciation and get you out in less than an hour so you can take your wife to the mall or kid to the little league”.We like that..

 Zhychick sings in Yiddish!
Want more Zhychick then click on.you tube and clip  in.. DONALD LERMAN 


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