National Ice Cream Month Spells Farrell’s for July 18 Ice Cream Eating Challenge


Pictured Don Lerman

Ice Cream & Brownie

Ice cream and brownies (non-Farrell’s) is still a good ice cream option for National Ice Cream MonthFarrell’s Ice Cream Parlour Restaurant in Mission Viejo is the place to be on Sunday, July 18—National Ice Cream Day. The Orange County restaurant will hold an ice cream eating challenge, which will benefit Children’s Hospital of Orange County.Be prepared to watch, not participate since the qualifying event took place June 21 through June 25.The ice cream contest

This is Farrell’s first annual “splendiferously superiffic summer spectacular ice cream eating challenge.” The challenge is to see who is the fastest to eat a three-scoop sundae. The July 18 event will feature the finalists. The finalists’ challenge is to eat an entire
Pig Trough—with the quickest time.The winner will be named “Farrell’s 2010 Most Best and Fastest ice Cream Eater Person.”

Ice cream options at Farrell’s

If the ice cream eating contest is too much to handle—or watch, then check out the menu for ice cream options you can face. It’s not called Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour Restaurant for nothing.

Sundaes include Rocky Road ($6.69) for two scoops of chocolate ice cream drenched in marshmallow topping, whipped cream, nuts and, of course, a cherry. Others include theTin Roof, Black & White, Oreo Bliss,
Banana Split
, Nutty Nutty Hot Caramel or Hot Fudge and more.

National ice cream month spells Farrell’s for July 18 ice cream

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