Bring your appetite to Cusumano’s meatball eating challenge

One Meatballclick open  link in new tab to hearChris Walsh, Cusumano's Italian Restaurant owner, demonstrates the size of the Meatball sandwich.
Contestants have 45 minutes to eat everything on their plate without leaving their table. Contestants must also be supervised by a restaurant staff member and must participate in the challenge by themselves.
Julie Walsh, restaurant owner said her and her husband were inspired to start this from the television show “Man vs. Food” on the Travel Channel.
My husband and I are fans of “Man vs. Food” and our meatballs are not the small sized meatballs that most restaurants sell,” Walsh said.  “It was my husband’s idea. People now are in to food challenges so he thought that this would be a good challenge and we knew of no other place that has ever done this so we thought it was a good idea.”
So what does the winner receive? Those who win the challenge receive their meal for free, a champion t-shirt, a picture of themselves on Cusumano’s Hall of Fame Wall, website and a $50 gift certificate.
So far there have been 9 people who have participated, but nobody has succeeded.
Tony Patrico, radio disc jockey for KPNT 105.7 The Point plans to compete in the challenge soon.
The cost to enter the challenge is $35 and one must make reservations ahead of time.
For more information visit the Meatball Challenge page on Cusumano’s website , or Cusumano’s page on Facebook.
Cusumano’s Italian Restaurant is located at 1120 Technology Drive in O’Fallon, Missouri.

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