Dayton-area restaurants throw down the challenge to diners with big appetites



Bello Italian Restaurant

  • Inside the Holiday Inn Xenia
  • 300 Xenia Towne Square
  • (937) 372-9921
  • The Big Mama Burger Challenge: A three-pound hamburger with all the fixings on one very large bun. If one diner finishes the burger in 30 minutes, it’s free.
  • Cost: $19.99

Buffalo Wild Wings

  • All Dayton-area locations
  • The Blazin’ Challenge: Eat 12 chicken wings smothered in high-octane “Blazin” sauce, get a t-shirt and a $5 gift certificate, and your picture on the Hall of Fame.
Cost: $8.99

Johnny’s Slice of New York pizza restaurant

  • 57 W. Franklin St., Centerville
  • (937) 567-8840
  • “Brooklyn Brawler Challenge:” An 18-inch, eight-pound pizza stuffed with pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, mozzarella, and provolone. If two people finish every morsel of the pizza in 30 minutes, they get it for free, along with a T-shirt and their picture on the restaurant’s “Wall of Fame.” Those who fail have their pictures posted on the “Wall of Shame.”
Cost: $24.99

Legends Sports Pub & Grille

  • 7617 Dayton Springfield Road, Enon
  • (937) 863-0238
  • “Lucky Dog Challenge:” If you can finish seven “Lucky Dogs” — foot-long, half-pound hot dogs that are over an inch in diameter — in 45 minutes, the hot dogs are free, and you get a T-shirt and a $25 gift certificate. But no one has succeeded yet. 
Cost: $48.93 for seven of the dogs, which are priced at $6.99 each.

Milano’s Atlantic City Subs (Beavercreek store only)

  • 2260 N. Fairfield Road, 
  • (937) 427-7827
  • Extreme Meat Pizza Challenge: A 14-inch pizza topped with pepperoni, ham, bacon, sausage, extra cheese and extra sauce. If one person can finish the pizza in 20 minutes, the pizza is free.
Cost: $19.47

Pie Pizzeria

  • 1910 Brown St., Dayton (near the University of Dayton campus)
  • (937) 228-4743
  • Brawler challenge: An 18-inch, eight-pound stuffed pizza with bacon, ham. pepperoni and sausage, with both a top and bottom crust. If a pair of diners finish the entire pizza, including filling, within 20 minutes, they receive the pizza for free, along with a T-shirt.
Cost: $25.99
  • 355 South Main St., Franklin
  • (937) 746-9252
  • “The Reaper” challenge: a 28-inch pizza with at least three toppings. If two people finish the pizza in 30 minutes in one sitting, the pizza is free.
Cost: $54

Quaker Steak & Lube

  • 3725 Presidential Drive, 
(near Wright State University)
  • (937) 427-0500
  • “The Atomic Challenge” and “The Triple Atomic Challenge:” Eat five chicken wings slathered in the restaurant’s searing Atomic sauce or Triple Atomic sauce, and get your name added to the Atomic Wall. Yes, you still have to pay for them.
Cost: $6.99

Voltzy’s Hamburger 
& Root Beer Stand

  • 4668 Springboro Pike, Moraine
  • (937) 299-1440
  • “Bill Clinton Divorce Finale” challenge: A 14-pound burger with a half-pound of onions and 20 slices of cheese on a one-pound bun. If one person eats it all in one hour, the burger is free — and Voltzy’s owner Rick Volz will pay the bloated diner $100.
Cost: $40

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