Will The Bailout and Stimulas Money Program Cost Shumer His Seat?

Whether the Bailout and stimulus Program will cost many in congress their seat for voting the party line rather than their constituents wishes? Only time will tell, Senator Shumer being one of the architects of the Bailout program, may be vulnerable in an election.Demographics the way it is with population shift among J ews . can Shumer capture his seat once more? Can a Jew be elected again at this juncture in time? right now the only growing Jewish population in N.Y. is among Chasidic and Russian Jews , will they put him over the top or vote in a direction not found in the Jewish Voting block of old?Can Shumer garner enough support from the non Jewish Community for a win ? We at The  Shumer is a must for N,Y, State , if he looses his seat along goes the seniority and select committee that he chairs, N’Y can’t afford a rookie senator this Junction of time, The Lerman Report endorses Shumer for senator next run.end
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