Egyptian Dictator Demands Jerusalem Be Put on The Auction Block

File:Hosni Mubarak - Official Photo.JPG
Egyptian Dictator Hosni Mubarach Has demanded that Jerusalem be returned to Arab sovereignty as a condition of peace. The Arabs want all of Isreal , they would fight tooth and nail if Jewish Control was only one inch of land, what is needed is process with no ultimatums before hand. There isn’t an Arab Country all 22 of them that is a democracy. The Palestinians had the West Bank and Gaza as part of a peace process and they started an uprising and threw it away. Until there is only one Palestinian voice and no various factions any final brokered peace should be on hold.If Jews are removed from the west bank as part of a deal Arabs must be relocated as well just as was done in India and Pakistan in the past.eventually that is the only solution, they have Mecca and Medina as well as 22 countries that comprise an area the size of the U.SAthey already have enough, they will never be satisfied..end

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