Did FDR Know All Along About Hitlers Final Solution for European Jews

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U..S .Soldiers Lie Dead Upon Invading Normandy Beach In WW11


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“Fanta ” on The Beach

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  Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign             Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to an unpresidented four terms as POTUS and in no way was a friend to the  Jewish people . Both FDR, and our Allies during WWII knew all along what Hitler and his third Reich as up to. The railway system that transported Jews and Non Jews to the death camps could have been bombed , but Roosevelt and the allies  didn’t implement that. While thousands of our servicesmans bodies lay dead on Normandy Beach Roosevelt with a wink and a nod look and looking the other way allowed certain corporations to do business inside Nazi Germany. Coca-Cola as the story is told sold their soda inside Germany all during WWII marketed under the brand name “Fanta” supposedly an embargo on Cokes syrup lead to the formation of ” Fanta,” if you believe that then we have a bridge in Brooklyn that we’d like to sell you. This is beyond shameful. Also It is widely believed that FDR had for known knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and gave 2/3of the Soldiers Sailors and Marines off base liberty to lessen the casulty count..disraceful..had this been knownn back then he would have sat out the War in a jail cell..
Most of the American Jews of that time were poor  illiterate  immagrant  factory workers many who obtained their citizenship through the efforts of local politicians ..In those days before  1930  one of the party fathful would accually go inside the voting booth with them  and made sure that they pulled the right lever ..others voters listened to who their union advised them to vote for. .Back at home in WW11 Hollywood continue to tow Uncle Sams company line by pumping out movies make light of the Nazi Atrocaties with Hitler portrayed in a lite comical vain.
We dont know about you but we at The lerman Report are totally outraged by all of this. After FDR’s  death Harry Trunman opon taking over the ship of state a scraped a private deal FDR made to the Grand Mufti which basically said that there will be no more Jewish Immagration into then British Palestine and no future Jewish nation. Truman scrapped that deal. Truman while he owned his Haberdasher shop  was buisness partners with his friend Edward Jacobson who was Jewish  saw the Anti Semitic ways of FDR and through his efforts the Modern State of isreral was created. Jews all over remain greatful for  Harry Truman.

Don’t Buy Best Buy Service Contracts Or Product Insurance.

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          If there is one but if advice I’d care to pass on to other shoppers is.. Do not even take out a Best Buy Insurance policy or service contract on any thing that you purchase from their store. Remember the Movie Men of Honor  staring Cuba Gooding Jr.?  Well I consider Best Buy is Men Without Honor. In July 2016  I got a new cell phone from Best Buy, thou my cell phone is part of a family plan it’s under a family plan administered on under my sister name, I have my own line and decided after the salesman spoke to me to Buy separate insurance coverage for my cell phone, the works Water Damage, Thief, and Brakeage. I put the insurance under my name and  instructed the Best Buy salesman that it is exclusively for my line only.. I then paid with my debit card and my debit card only and gave Best Buy privileges to withdraw the monthly charges from my checking account and my account only . They initially took out payments.. Now I give quite few other outfits drawing privileges from my checking account also.. My 2 Gyms Several Dating sites, My Satellite radio for my car. Now I left Best Buy put my receipt of the new cell phones  in the original  box and stored it away for safe keeping.. and in doing so slept comfortably that I’m covered if anything happens.
Face foward to April of 2017, I’m having massive WiFi issues I went back to Best Buy showed them the insurance policy and receipt and they informed me that I was dropped from any coverage for lack of payment.. Hiw can that be in asked.. They said that the bank refused to remit the monthly stipend. Apparently they went to someone else’s bank.I double checked the receipt…it taken out on by me but they wentvto somebody else’s bank not  mine and well you guessed it that persons bank who wasn’t involved on my sale in any way shape or form didn’t remit any money.. Now every outfit that I’ve given withdrawing privileges at times don’t pull the money every month but stack payments up into a balloon payment.. This is common practice in buisness who have withdrawing privileges.. They never contacted me in any way to tell me that my account is in jeopardy for non payment not by text, cell phone message or phone call, E mail, U.S. Postal service mail,  Western Union Telegram, Fed X, Ups, Facebook, Smoke Signals, or Personal Courier. In other words I was not in any way notified. They gave me some double talk thst they emailed me my sister the owner of the family plan.. A big bold face lie. My sister checked  all her texted messages and E mail archives .. What thay told me is not true at all. Now I’m forced to purchase a new cell phone at the cost of $700. I was ingaged in conversation with the store manager for two hours to no avail, at that point I called thier customer are department. I spoke to 3 separate individuals who sounded like they were from behind the Iron Curtain. They had very little command olive the English language . now while I’m all for everyone putting  food on the table for their family and paying the landlord, however If English is not your first language than you really shouldn’t be in a position to pull any sort of phone duty.. I believe that they outsourced their customer service department.. What a shame. Bottom line instead of purchasing any coverage from Best Buy  bring all your money over to your toilet bowl and flush it down to the drain.. It quicker, it’s easier either way you’ll never see your hard earned money again.       A sampling of  others complaints Read Below….Related image
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The Expression That Veterans Hate To Hear..

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                  Let me clue everybody in on something.. When a Veteran Hears the expression “Thank You For Your Service” It doesn’t make him or her happy. As a matter of fact it down right Pisses them off.. First of all no fellow Veteran will ever say that to another Veteran.. That phrase  means one and one thing only when said to a Vet, It means from the  person saying it that you That although you had to go and serve but I didn’t. If it was said by an elderly woman or a someone not yet old enough to enlist  Yet that would be acceptable.  However that  phrase doesn’t sit well with most Vets. I can see someone saying upon hearing that someone close to you just  passed away during the time of your barevment  ” I’m  sorry for your loss” But “I want to thank you for your service” . When it comes from one if your contemporaries it does the opposite of what the speaker intended to do . when a fellow Marine spots another Marine the Greating is Semper Fi &  the return responce is ” Welecome Home”
Let’s tell it like it is most Veterans graduated High School and put on a khaki suit..While most others skated from any military service graduated from High school went to college and got stoned.
While I’m not a  Combat Veteran and don’t proport to be one & I’m in no way a Sgt. York or an Audey Murphy but I didn’t run to Canada, I completed my enlistment in the Marines and  whenever I  hear that expression it doesn’t sit well with me.
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The Palestinaians Come Negotiation Time Will Reap What They Sowed..Bubkis


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      You know what…When your are negotiating for a raise and you demand too much do you know what you wind up getting? Nothing, Bubkis, Zilch, Nada. After all the Hateful and Disrespectful U.N votes proclaiming that Jews have no historical ties to Jerusalem or a Judaisms holiest site the Western Wall, (The Kotel) to the utter Filth that is being taught in their U.N. Run & Funded schools, To Rewarding  Terrorists with cash & when they murder Jews and in addition the naming of Streets after those Terrorists remains an all time low. Most Importantly the Palestinian Authority Regnaded on 2 Peace Treaties.. First Peace Deal the handiing over of  Sinai, and 2nd the handing over  of Gaza and part of Judea and Samaria (West, bank) as a prelude for Further peace.. Do they think that Isreal can trust them for a 3rd time?  There’s an old expression “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me”. When it comes to keeping thier word .. The Arabs no longer have any Validity.. Truth of the  matter is that the Palestinians will never accept an Isreal if it were only one inch wide….Whos Fooling Who ?
Bibi Netanyahu  once said if the Arabs put down their weapons today there would be no further war.. If Isreal put down the weapons there would be no more Israel..
There was never an outcry for any Palestinain state before 1967 when Jordon held soverighty over the West bank. There are 22 Arab Nations Comprising an Area the size of the Continental United States and 52  additional Muslim Nations While there is only one Jewish country the size of New Jersey..Its high time that their Brother Arabs Step up to the Plate and Show them some Hospitality and let then into their Borders once and for all to put an end to this Nightmare.  When Israel handed over Gaza the Plaestinian leadership received a massive aid package..Gaza was to be destined to the  “Hong Kong’ of the Middle East ..Instead their leadership (Hamas) chose Rockets of  mass discruction and to build Tunnels to Murder Innocent Isreali families while they Slept. There’s a saying that you  catch more flys with honey than vineagar..that concept  is allien to the Palestians.
 In the final anayisis  you reap what you sow Hence They’re going to get nothing.. They had their chance and they threw it away now  they’ll get Bubkis.
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Anti Semitism Runs Rampant.. Take a Look at the New Democratic Party..

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   *Hitlers Voice Posted  Because This is What Lopez’s Speech is Paramount To. 
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Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign       It has become open season to crap on Jews and a Isreal all the way from The U.N. to the E.U. right up to the American Universities and all over the U.S.A… This is the New Liberal Lefts Politically Correct Agenda.. Sad to say as far as they are concerned the old saying  “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”  no longer seems to apply to Jewish people. Where is the outcry from the Leading Jewish Politicians and Office Holders  . The saddest thing of all is that all these Jewish liberals will run like a theif to cast their vote and pull the lever for this creep and other Jew Haters like him. Wake up fellow Jews the Democratic party of your dear old departed Bubie and JFK no longer exists.

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The Foolishness of Buying and Wearing Clothing With your Favorite Products Name on it.

How many of us buy Tee Shirt or Caps with your favorite Soda Companies or Cigarettes name on it. While I don’t mind wearing a shirt or Jersey with a professional Athletes name  or Teams name on it to sort of root then on on their sport event… I simply refuse to buy lets  say for example a ” Coca-Cola or Marlboro Tee-shirt to brag that I use their product.
I see people sporting soft drink makers Tee-shirt ‘s” along with other license clothing gear all the  time. They should pay us to give them free advertising and we have buy the shirt to boot. People that wear these labeled clothing are proud to wear them.. They wear them like a badge of honor  as if it was  something of the nature of The  Congressional Medal of Honor.. Guess what.. Its not.



Fortune Tellers, Psychics And Mediums Let’s Put The Padlock on Their Shops For Good…

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        Fortune Tellers, Psychics And Mediums for once and for all the law must crack down in these charlatans.. Don’t fall for their  charade it’s as Phoney  as can be its remains nothing but a scam…

 No one can read minds or predict the future.. If anyone could they would have a leg up from winning the lottery, numbers and all the way to the stockmarket. To circumvent the law they have resorted to calling themselves  “Readers” or ‘Advisors”….. 
It’s a parlor trick as old as the hills.. There are a few things that they imploy and I’ll briefly run you through it.First when a fellow  office worker sets up the entire work crew for a private reading after hours.. That person is tipping of the Psychic as who lives in your house. Who just died, who just given birth etc. etc.  Then when the Phycics first sees you  they already know your statistics of your  background..
Second there is the ” Cold Reading”… These so called fortune-tellers look at every expression, your composure, they focus on every crease in your face.. Its only logical that someone in their late 30’s or early 40’s most probably had a grandparent who just passed on.. They will make a statement such as I see large dog or I someone in coveralls .. and wait to see how you respond. If you say I have no dog or do not know any one should wears coveralls they will always have a retort ready to respond to you & then back out of that statement.
  • Third… Hypnotism for instance  let’s say  that your at coffeehouse, now your not really eavesdropping on the couple at the next table, however  it is a public place and you help  over hearing their conversation . They have just  softened you up and primed you to be put in deep hypnosis. They have their cell phone ring.. When they see you respond to the ring then they know you’ve been listening.. it is at that point all they have to do is walk by you and touch a pressure point in your neck or shake your hand.. And boom you’re out like a light .. Then they can fire away & in rapid succestion ask you scores of questions. In just one short minute they can exstract a cornucopia of  your personal data including such valuable information such as your Social Security number ,your Drivers licence Identifaction Number and your bank ATM PIN number. So make sure that your not alone with any Psychic not  even for a second.   Then you’ll say” Wow she knew about certain details in my life that only I knew”!  Years ago they would say something like there is a curse on you and I need I need 3,000 to brake the spell.. Today none of that’s no longer necessary like I mentioned before because they can pick your brains  and get all for all of your private information and  run to your bank and turn  you into an instant pauper.
  • Lastly and finally we all see these ‘Psychics’ on TV commercials, the people that you see praising the so called Psychics ability to for tell both your future and be all knowing about your past  incidents .. They are payed actors who are compensated for their endorsment nothing more..
  • So steer clear.. If you still believe their line of bull then I have a  Bridge too sell you in Brooklyn…and if you think I’m joking in the words of Jack Parr “I kid you not”!


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The Problem With Health Insurance is The Insurance Companies, Big Pharma Plus All The Health Providers Greed.


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Neither changing Obama care with a revamped Trump Care is going to fix the Nations health care problem..
  The Problem lies squarely with both the Insurance companies and Big Pharmaceutical concerns plus and health care providers Greed.  First off the insurance industry must be reined in as they are out of  control and that goes for the Pharmaceutical companies as well they are more powerful than the oil cartel. For much to long these two entities have been the problem not the solution . They are consistently lobbying Washington as well as every State legislator to pass laws so they can basically can run amuck with everything on their wish list giving them Carte blanch to rake the American people over the hot  coals.
The Hospitals and Doctors(our health care providers) are no different.. The first thing that they ask you when you arrive at the Emergency Room at any hospital is for your insurance card and you can be bleeding out ..Our health is not even secondary….  it’s meaningless, the ER and every other place we’re we all go for medical care We are just a vehicle a means for them to make a living and nothing more… The days of the caring  “Marcus Wellby” type Doctors  are long gone & the frantic hospital staff pushing &  racing with a crash cart in the ER is only fiction that you see on T.V.  Do not delude yourself that anyone working there  cares for anything other than their pay check.. Compassion for human suffering? .. Well we’ll have to leave that to our family members and friends because you ain’t gonna get that at any health treatment facility your no different than a peice of meat at the butcher shop.
         A $100 for an aspirin is just the classic example of their  callus Greed as it continues to go on unabated and  unchecked.
When you complain to a State agency, No one really cares, no worker in the “Complaint Department” wants a bigger work load.. and the Doctor’s, Hospital’s and Insurance Industry knows that all too well.. and are laughing all the way to the bank. Untill Congress looks at the real culprit of this health care  fiasco..Nothing going to change