Charles De Gaulle Set a Bad Example by Packing up and Leaving Algeria..

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Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign The French were well settled on Algeria from July 5, 1830 to July 3, 1962  . Generations of French families were born and raised in Algeria.. The French living there considered it a second state of France. When Charlies De Gaullel gave the order to pack up and leave many Frenchman including the General Staff was near revolt.
That set an exstremly bad  example that with enough pressure and Mayheim Jews will pack up their tent and leave in the same manner. That was a poor assumption as fleeing Frenchman had France to go to that was never the case with Jews as Isreal is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people and Jews in Isreal are not leaving they’re staying put & are in for the long haul . American author Mark Twain visited the holy land in 1873..   He described it as a desolate country – devoid of both vegetation and human population: When Jews started returning fleeing the horrors of the pogroms it brought Arabs into that are seeking work, We are sure that there was some other  populations  there such as caretakers of Churches and other religious site by in large it was an unpopuated wasteland perhaps a few passing through Beduians but nothing more.
The current Arab population living in Isreal are not indigenous to Isreal, they are not decindants of the ancient Philistines (Who Were of Greek Origins) as they would like everyone to believe.. Thats just History revision for political purposes nothing more. You can always tell the geographic area of origin of an Arab by their last names. Many of todays “Palestinian s’ cam eto ths area from Tunsia in the 1930’s to buid the British Highway System..In closing we’believe the Arabs underestimated the Jewish resolve and excepted Jews to run away with  their tale betweem ther legs and exit as France did in Algeria in 1962 Well it didn’t happen./end
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Major Stars Join The Band Wagon of Anti Semitism

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            Stars such as Elton John and Richard Gere have reared their ugly head, and revealed  their true Anti Semitic  feelings by supporting The Palestinian cause. Today the new Anti Semites cloaks their Hatrerd of Jews under the veil of Palestinian Rights.. These people want to come across as warm caring compassionate people but in reality they are nothing more but cold bitter Bigotted Jew Haters.. Decent people of all backgrounds see right through this charade and know it for it really is just plain old Anti Semitism. The music and Movie Industry heads are fuming over  the loss of revenue which is stagering  that they will  be enduring from  the syndication and licencing rights of Geres movies  after he reveled  his true colors.  All we at The Lerman Report will is can say ‘ stick a fork in it…its done”
For a the terrorist acts Perpetrated against Jews and Israelis  over the years mean absolutely nothing to them.. Apparently they believe the end justifies the means and Jewish life  doesn’t matter . Let them look at the film footage of the murder and mayhem that they preformed from  the murdering of innocent Isreali Olympic Athletes, the  attacks on kindergarten’s to the suicide bombings in the marketplace and then let them make such a public support of this group.   The Palestinians still demand a 2 state solution.. Who are they bulls shitten. Israel handed over Sinai, Gaza and Part of the West Bank as a prelude to further future peace. Where’s the peace?  Like we said the terror  has continued unabated , from the stabbings to the Tunnels  intended to  kill  innocent civilians while they sleep,  the rocket  shelling, the intifada  & may we add that the hatered taught in their U.N.funded & run schools  knows no abounds.. Its practically a daily occurrence ..  Does this sound like it’s coming from people who desire peace?  Does anyone in their heart of hearts believe that Israel can once more trust them & take their word again on any future peace treaty?
We at the Lerman Report are not for a 2 state solution but for a 23 state solution. At the present time there are 22 Arab Nations comprising an area the size of the continental U.S.  and only one Jewish Nation.. Does the Middle East really need another Arab nation? There is  absolutely no need for a 23 rd Arab  Nation?, Its’s not as if there is no country for them to live in. . Before 1967 when Jordan controlled West Jerusalem the so called “Palestinians” Never once even gave  one ioda of a thought of an independent state of their own. The Arabs will never accept Isreal if it were only 1 inch wide.. The Palestinian Public Relations machine is reminiscent of that of the  lies and distortions that eminated from  Nazi propogander  chief Joseph Gobbels in the 1930’s. Israel is now being labeled an Aparthied State.. How dare they make such statement .. .Many Arab Gulf nations including Jordan and Saudi Arabia (so called moderates)  Jews are forbidden to live there and the Palestinians make no secret that any future Palestinian nation will be devoid of Jews.. So who’s practicing Arparthied  ?
The U. obsessed with Israel.. They constintantly knock it from piller to post. They criticize The Isreal while ignoring  dictatorial nations where totalarisim is the norm.. The World Stage is  a stacked deck for Israel to compete in.  We don’t even have to suggest to Jews that they boycott all these celebrities taking up the Palestinian cause.. it is a given /end
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Restaurants Who Hire Illegals Should Be Closed Down and Fined Plenty

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Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign       From what we hear & read in the Mainstream Press it appears that much of the  restaurants staff today are illegal aliens.They apparently want cheap labor but charge a premium price on what ever appears on their menus.. Simply Outrageous!. If this is found true then they should be shut down, boarded up and fined plenty..
    Having said that the was some sort of sick out where Illegal immigrants  protesting such practices. While we sympathize with the downtrodden  and agree that they are being taken advantage of  big time.. we will say this load and clear… No Non Citizen   especially an illegal alien has any right what so ever to protest in the U.S.A.. That is reserved for citizens only…  Any protester found to be undocumented  or even with a Green Card should be put on a the first plane available and sent packing … no and if or buts about it and  It makes absolutely  no difference whatsoever  if they hail from  our Southern  or Candian Border or come in from any of our International Air Ports and over stay their Visa .
   It has come to our attention that in California has now given the go for head Illegal aliens to attain drivers licenses and can so will be eligible to vote as well.. If this is so then it must be stopped by the Federal Government. If that’s their intention then the California liberal Politicians care little about American Law all they really want to accomplish is  to create a voting class  that is indebted to them to keep their political party in office nothing more.  To Many lives have been left on Normandy Beach, Iwa Jima and The Ho Chi Minh Trail up to our present military conflicts to give this privilege away. Thou all non citizens are deserving of of Police protection..Certain Constitional right are not accored them such as protesting, voting and bringing  civils suits in an American Court this  is the sole right of U.S.Citizenship//end
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Suggestive Sales.. You like it.. I Don’t

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      Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign          The first time someone pulled the “suggested sales”  crap on me was when I was at Roy Rogers Roast Beef a while back.. I was on line ordering my meal and the counter person then said to me “would you like an apple pie with your order”? Sure I replied.. Low & Behold when I went to pay my bill the apple pie we charged to me.. I Complained” Hey  what’s going on why did you charge me for Apple pie? She replied back well you ordered it.. No I didn’t  you asked me if I wanted it I was under the impression that it was a  complementry gift. That was the first & last time That I fell for that.
  To make matters worse when I brought my car in for an  oil change.. The service technician or whatever you call him comes over to me with a little square price of paper with a bullseye drawn on it with a drop  oil.. He says to me while showing me that bullseye with the oil   & says “when’s the last time you changed your transmission fluid”?, I replied back” Are you telling me that there’s a problem? No he replied just asking (auto transmission fluid doesn’t have to be changed maybe for a taxi with over 100,000 miles)  I replied “Then why are you implying that somethings not right” . Or they come out with your air filter trying to scare you into buying one by them for  & 45 when you can pick one up at Pep Boys for half that.
It’s Descepitive its just plain not right. The worst is when they try to hit you up for a donation “would you like to give you Jerry’s Kids or some other organization” this happens even at Walmart.. I always reply that I shop at Walmart to save money not to give it away. I donate plenty to charity at home and in my house of worship.. If you doubt me send a self addressed stamped envelope to me and I will supply you with the documentation… But it’s not their buisness to be a conduit for charity . They want to come on T. V. and say” Hey look what we collected”..If they want  to play the big shot then let them use there own money. STOP SUGGESTIVE SALES NOW!
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Governor Coumo Don’t Let L. I. Down Again..

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            L.I. Along with N.Y.C. Pays the Lions Share of all  N.Y State Tax Revenue, that also goes for all lotto sales too. While New York City gets everything on their wish list from the State, Long Island ( Nassau & Suffolk County) remains the step child of the state..Governor Cosmo got L. I. the worlds worst Utility company PSC&G. While Long Islanders were assured that their rates would not be raised in 3 years in the first 5 months correct us if we’re mistaken but PSC&G passed along 6 raises.  Governor Coumo put a cap on school tax.. nearly every school busted the cap. Now he proposing from what we gather to  perhaps consolidate school districts to lower property tax.. That will kill the  high resale value of our homes. Thats not the solution.. The solution is to get rid of all these high priced Administrators.. The School Superintendents and  all their leaching cronies. Next get rid of Tenure. What we gave a bunch of high salaried burnt out teachers that can’t be fired. 
What we have is a crazy set of protocol when it comes to a school tax hike vote.. If it fails.. It is brought up again for a another vote in 60  days..If  its voted  down once more for approval your taxes still go up.. But after school programs such as sports and music are cut meanwhile all the  the Administrators and Teachers remain above the fray.. Their salaries and perks are not touched one ioda.
The school district heads will always try to bust any  future cap.. You can bet you house on that. What the Governor should do when they propose to bust any cap is immediately have the Administrators arrested. That will send a clear & resounding message that this will no longer be tolerated. This is what Nasssua  and Suffolk Counties needs.. As it stands now the school system is  not really there  to educate the students but strictly as a  vehicle for employess to make a living. Many of us l old timers remember back in the 1950″s when  teachers told students that sanitation  workers make as much as them  (that should have been brought up to the Mayor not the grade school  students) . . With all the holidays and winter and Holiday recess the teachers  accually only  work 6 months a year.. We Don’t feel sorry for them. Our heart goes out for the students and Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer. /the final complaint on Governor Court is  that you had a great heart when you were  the New York State Attorney General but why did your cuts have to  include the Developmental Disabled  was that neccesary ? Look we all know that deep down  Coumos a decent guy and its no secret that he has perhaps future Presidental assperations ..but  let him do the right thing by Long Island  first/end
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Handicaped Parking Has Become a Bunch of Bull…

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Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign   Handicaped  Parking was first implemented for those Motorists and family members who are passengers who can perhaps need a close up parking  spot as to lessen their walking to  distance to & from the store or facility that they are going to.. It has morphed into a major bunch of Bull. While there are many who are in need if it there are others that abuse the system. It is very easy to aquire a Handicaped sticker in any locality nationwide. Years ago it basically was for the wheelchair bound.. Those parameters have changed.. I see people who post a Handicaped  sticker on their car and run to catch a train.. Thats a shame.. They are undeserving, however they hand these permits real easy today. Sad to say any schmuck and his brother can obtain one today. I was at a local Horse Racing Track and what appeared  be a healthy fit  gentleman parks his car in a handicaped spot , thou he had a regulation permit hanging from his visor he ran like a theif to make the first race..The security guard seeing where he parked and witnessed the mad dash to get in the Raceway  yelled out to him “HEY WHATS YOUR HANDICAPE ? ‘  The running man yells back “WHAT RACE?


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Men’s Haircuts” How Times Have Changed..

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      I remember growing up on the 1950’s..Every Man or boy had to have a fresh haircut once a month. If by any chance you had a special event to go to  in between that month such as Wedding, Bar mitzvah, Graduation, Funeral whatever you got another haircut. That’s the way it was back in the Old days. If your mother wasn’t on your case for getting a haircut then there was always a friend or relative that would steam up your mother my  mother had such a friend for the purpose of this story I shall omit her real name a refer to her as Gertrude  “You let your son walk around like that, without a  haircut “Yelled Gertrude to my mother.My mother would reply back “He don’t want to go to the barber what could I do?  Gertrude replied back” whose the boss you or him.. and my mother would give me instructions “Here’s the haircut money don’t come home with out one. You see  nobody wanted to there years ago…the Barber Shops were hit and miss as far as getting a good haircut’d  walk in perhaps hair a bit long but none the less lookin great …but  and you walk out looking like a shmuck/
What struck out most was the Unacceptance of the Square Back as apposed to a tapered cut. In the 1950’s only the rough crowd.. The punks.. The hoodlums all had square Backs. Gertrude pointed out to my mother some unsavory teenage punks in our apartment building who sported square backs…. Gertrude steamed up my mother & my mother told me when I came home from the Barber with one.. My mother made me go back and get it tapered I can’t tell you how many times that I heard the snide remark” ” What are you posing for Holy pictures or do you want a violin “?  Today you can see even  rabbi”s wearing  a square back..boy have times changed !
  When I was in the service I came home on leave in Dec.27th 1967 and returned to my duty station Jan.12th 1968 everyone had clean cut Haircuts.. I  stationed in North Carolina & I used to phone home home every Saturday  It’s Mid February  and I phone I call home & my father asked are you growing your hair long?  I  replied back that I have a crew cut plus every Monday we gave an inspection we gave to get white walls( high and close) My father informed me that  everyone is letting their hair grow  long with long hair long sideburns  too. When  I retured to N.Y.C. in March of 1968 long hair was the norm..even the old generations stopped going to the barbershop . Today  haircuts are in..I JUST THOUGHT THAT  I”D TELL EVERYONE HOW IT WAS BACK IN THE DAY !

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Franchises and Resold Retail Business’s…Let The Buyer Beware !!!

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     If your  contemplating buying a franchise or resold retail out !!! I’m going to tell you the facts of life concerning these two type  of  entities..So  listen up people…  If you want to be a first time  retailer and don’t have a good friend or relative who can  show you the roops &, guide you setting  up a new buisness and believe me there’s a lot of things that have to be considered.. From  buying shelving to product and  also it may require some training such as cooking, baking,  dry cleaning, you name, it & guess What?   If you have absolutely no knowledge from what I just mentioned then  you either have to go and buy into a Franchise or Resale buisness .You’ll be at their mercy and believe me whichever one that  you choose your going to be raked over the hot coals. So my  good friends hold on tight because your going to be in for a rude awakening.
For the purpose of this article I’m going  to omit the names the of the franchise to protect my $10,000,000 in my bank  (lol I only wish)
My parents personaly were good friends with a couple who lost their life savings on such a venture.  They bought in to a franchise which was an eatery which will remain nameless all that I’ll say that it was on a busy truck  route. The husband thought his hired help were stealing from register as he was busy  land office style busy all day..So he worked the cash register  himself..He then had a wake up call.  When you  buy a franchise lets say for  example for 50,  put down lets say  for arguments sake $20,000 & pay out the  remaining $30,000…On top of that there is a franchise fee plus you must buy all your products from the Franchising Corporation including such incidentals which you can purchase  elsewhere for a fraction if the price you such as paper napkins, plastic knives, spoons and forks and boy do you  get a forking ..and yes they require a minimum order. Well he then decided too sell hot dogs and soup..It wasnt to long before the franchise Corp. got wind of that and told him that only their products can be sold in his store..he then snuck in products  and again they warned him ..the 3rd time they threw him out & what ever amount of money  he put into the business at that point was down the drain..lost.. Yes he did violate the franchise agrerement but  he sort if had no choice it paramount to a scam. It was the same with most franchises the hours you put in your giving them  your life savings to and if you figured out   ..your accually working for minium wage.
Today they  work it a bit different.they make you purchase 5 or 6 places and lets face it the only one who can afford that is an Investmant Broker for a Doctors group as a tax right off.
Second is the retail busisness.. At one time a young man purchase a candy store for instance and sold it when he was an old man ready to retire..I remember going into a dog food store for sale..I waited in the parking lot for an hour before I walked in to his store..I was inside talking to him for a good 45 minutes and not a living soul came in…I also eyed the inventory on the shelves and back room and estimated it not to have been more than $500 total.. He had told me he rakes in $6,000 a week in sales alone .. I asked then  why are you selling the place?  he replied back to me in a weak voice “Im very sick Im not well and may die soon ” I then said ”Can I go to your doctor and review your chart to see if you are as sick as you claim to be  ?’ No way he replied back but this time in a load strong hefty  voice..Bottom line he was  full of crap..and 99 % all retail sale of business are phoney too.   These above mentioned stories are only an example  for whats in store…..LET THE BUYER BEWARE !


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Please Present Coupon Before Ordering…

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Have you ever been to a fast food or any resturant that advertisers some sort of special with a coupon..they most always say” present coupon before ordering “
Now let me ask you have you ever ordered the food item at some eatery and item on sale but or presented it to them as your paying and they give you  a bit of an agreement time “hey you were supposed to present the coupon before ordering”
The simple reason is that when you have a coupon for let’s say a sandwich when you present the coupon  upon  ordering they have a smaller sandwich to give you..So be smart..always give the restaurant the coupon after they serve you  when you pay the chasier.