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Bernie Sanders Advocates Free Government Paid College Education For All Is A Prescription For Diaster

2020: Bernie Sanders is running for president again – Vox
Bernie Sanders wants the Government to foot the bill for free college for all. Does anyone think that the working stiff can endure any more taxes?
What that would do is make the owners of Colleges and Universities richer than they ever imagined.
$80,000 per year per student only makes Colleges richer than ever. What we need is a cap and rollback of college tuition to let’s say $10,000 per year.Can you imagine if the college enrollment was free and paid for by Uncle Sam how much more money the college’s would rake in.


Colleges are big buisness and what Sanders is proposing to do is make big buisness bigger.While he advocates Socialism he would  in this instance be lining the pockets of College owners with a wind fall which is the opposite of what he preaches while putting it on the back of the average worker to pay for all this .Keep in mind Sanders spent most of his life in the halls of Congress and the Senate.then why did he not attempt to put forth any of these ideas into law before? Answer:It’s  campaign Pandering that why.

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Stop The Trump Impeachment…

From CNN


Let me get this  straight….Hunter Bidden was caught drinking at the traugh of the Ukranian Gov’t. He got this no show jobs in a field that he knows nothing about and now a witch hunt is on to impeach Trump because he made all this transparent.

Biden is Done As Any Presidential Candidate. The Democrats will not stop at Trump they will go after Pence as   well and guess what?Then according to our constitution the speaker of the house gets to be President and that’s Nancy Pelosi..The Democrats are undermining our elelection system.

Is this what America really wants?



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Trump Can’t Afford To Loose Support From American Jewish Republican Voters


One of American’s newest  group of new Republican voters are pro Isreal Jews.They are bigger in numbers than Actual polls show.
Trump cannot  alienate any percentage of these new voters even as little as only a few percentage points if he intends to carry any large metropolitan city where Jews reside.
However Trump’s recent critic of Netanyahu saying that he doesn’t like loosers is troubling.However his recently cozying up the Turkish stongman dictator Erdogan that seems ok  with him but a Democratic  elected Prime Minister he finds fault with.
Israel does not have direct elections for PrimeMinister but a parlamentry system where your actual voting for the party only.
According to a In a report in Israel’s daily Yediot Ahronot, a White House source said that Trump talks “negatively” about Netanyahu and “doesn’t like losers
Many Supporters of Trump  in Israel and abroad find it very troubling concerning the recent meeting with Dictator Erodgan.
We shall also like to emphasize that Israel and American Jews are most greatful for his pro Isreal stance and can not do without it and would like it to continue.

We would like to have some further clarification on this from the White House press Securtary on his next briefing

This is  a story in progress.

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What Killed Vinyl Records

My Personal Record Collection”800″LP’

Compact Discs did not kill Vinyl Records.What the Death Knell to Vinyl was the end of an easy home recording medium or cassette recorders..
I got believe in my heart of hearts that the lack of available cassette tapes eventually did vinyl in.
A vinyl record is for the most only12- 15 minutes  per side however with  recorded cassette you can get anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 if an hour per side get the picture?

I like most people seldom listened to whole albums but made mix tapes.In other words one song from this album another from that album and made deluxe mix tapes.When no recording medium was available anymore that took life away from Vinyl Records to survive any longer.

As far as CD’s went it hurt but it was not the reason for their Demise.
Bringing back Vinyl without a home recordings medium is totally useless.
I gave collection away to a few nursing homes in the hope that others will get to get to enjoy my record albums as much as I did.

Never Sell Your Old LP Record Collection For Peanuts..



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Why Doesn’t Speaker Pelosi Curb The Squad?

Picture Wall Street journal

Speaker Nancy  Pelosi is letting this squad continue to spew hatred and Bigotry..She places Ilhan Omar on the foreign affairs committee.The public cry’s to have Ilhan Omar removed but it all falls on deaf ears.Some sceptics say that perhaps Ilhan Omar’s campaign contributers contributed to Pelosi’s campaign and putting her on that committee is a condition of that campaign contribution..who knows but one thing remain fact Pelosi doesn’t take her off that committee…One has to conclude that she has no problem with their bigoted rhetoric that we are hearing everyday.
Many life long time Democrat voting families are outraged at her  just standing idle and doing nothing to stop the Squads snowball effect and picking up speed and new adherents..Shame on her not getting involved.
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Obama Fooled Us All…


Obama Fooled us all..His campaign manager and the DNC Chair made sure that certain facts did not appear in the news.
One fact is that he was adopted by his stepfather and his name was changed to Barry Soereto…He was raised a Muslim in Indonesia a picture of him in Muslim garb was hidden from the public.

Although while there is nothing wrong with  being a  Muslim he did hide that fact as to perhaps not let the public know his true sediments visa vie the Arab -Israeli conflict.

The Congresional Black Caucus. Made extra certain that picture of him and Louis Farakann disappeared all during the 8 years of his running for the presidency and while in office.



We now see that The Jeremiah Wright controversy during his first run for the oval office was a smoke screen or perhaps a deversion inorder to keep the public away from his Muslim background…

Obama was touted as the great healer of race relations in America.. it was brought out and emphasized he had a White mother to drive that fact home to the voters.
He would up making race relations ten fold worse…All during the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman incident he took sides and was not inpartcial making race relations ten fold worse.

Secretary of State John Kerry had an Iranian son in law and perhaps that shaded his impartiality ..yet Kerry was allowed to be cast in the roll of  an honest broker in the Iran nuclear talks  all while He hid the fact that he had a Iranian son on law..

Wake up fellow Jewish Americans time to move on from the Democrat party..

Time for Jews To Bid Farwell To The Democrat Party Click on link below..


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Buy Early Avoid Lack Of Quality Control At Holiday Season Time

‍ Holiday season will be upon us soon.

So We urge all of our readers to buy early before Thanksgiving maybe you already did your Christmas, Chanucka & Kwanza shopping this summer.If you did than your smart.

I’ll tell you why..Every company either the manufacturer or distributor maintains some sort of Quality Control Department.I know what I’m about to tell you to be a fact in the manufacturing industry..I worked many years for a distributor of Electronic Equipment (For the purpose of this story  name of the company that worked for I shall withhold for legal purposes of this story)

Every item underwent a strict strengent qualify control  Nothing left the Warehouse if it pass muster from the quality control Dept . However come Holiday Season when orders are very large .. everything went out even those units that failed to meet acceptable standards of the Quality Control Dept.Hence the consumer wound up buying VA defective product.This practice is both  common place and wide spread in all industries. Pants manufacturers may be swamped with both orders for let’s say 38 waist trousers..they will relable 34 trousers with 38 in waistline tages .. rendering them useless to a buyer who bought them in good faith and had to return them.

I know your saying right now”why didn’t they just try them on first”. because many store don’t have dressing rooms such a the big discount wholesale outlets ,plus they bought as a gift.

So we urge every shpper try to buy your Christmas Chanucka and Kwanza gifts very early as to get ripped off and dipped by the industry.


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