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Tip Of The Day”Bring a Plastic Bag Into the Toilet When You Do No.2″


I was in a Taco Bell  doing my duty in the rest room.. When I smelled the Tacos cooking from behind the wall in the kitchen which was in the next room…
I told the manager  listen if I can smell the food cooking in the Bathroom from behind the walls than you can smell the crap from the rest room  in your kitchen. He Laughed  and said “SO” and thought it was funny..well it’s not.

Have you ever went to a restaurant and when you got home smelled the style of food on your shirt?

That’s exactly the point..if you can enjoy a meal and the food smell transfers onto  your be shirt..then what about the crap smell as you Depart the toilet after you take a dump?

The Solution is a simple one . Before you sit on the pot take your shirt off and place it int a Plastic bag..When your done wipping take your shirt out of the bag  and put it back on.

A Great Tip Of The Day Below:

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The Sukkus Is Coming To Town(2019)

Sukkot 2019 will begin in the evening of

October 13
and ends in the evening of
October 20

I  remember Sukkot 1967 I was in Paris Island  S.C. attending  Marine Corps Boot Camp and the Savanna  Jewish Center would make a Sukkah and stock it with fresh fruit and wine right on Paris Island .It was welcome site from the rigors of recruit training.

Because they couldn’t interupt the Saturday Training Schedule hence the Jewish recruits had to have their weekly services on a Sunday’s & as sort of consilation the Jewish Personel we were told that they would be  taken to Savanna Georgia to attend services on Yom Kippur. If that not all a lavish catered meal was supplied for us in a Catering Hall just like a Bar Mitzvah or Wedding right after the services. I thought it was the greatest thing ever done for us. In addition every Sunday they had Bagels and Lox waiting for us outside of the Activities Building were our services were conducted. I will never foget what the Savanna Jews  Community did for the Jews and Myself when  we attended Boot Camp.

I don’t know if that Savanna Jewish community remains there today in  or if  are do they still help the  recruits the way they did back then But I would like to find out and make a  long over due donation to them if they are still in business..

 *Sukkus- Ashenazic pronouciation of sukkot   Me on Yom Kippur at The Savanna Jewish Center 1967

Auschwitz “Work Makes You Free” Holocaust Symbol Being Trivialized By Madison Ave And Hollywood

The infamous “Work Makes You Free” Holocaust Symbol as Jews saw as  they entered the infamous Auschwitz Death Camp is  Being Trivialized By Madison Ave And Hollywood..We have noticed a bevy of similar shape signs ranging  from commercials  to spots in both movies and documentary’s. .Ths is not haphazard or by accidentbut is a  delibert attempt to make light of the Jewish suffering as they were sent to5 entered One of the worst places on Earth .
Do not buy any products from commercials of this elk whatsoever. This is a work in progress & we will compiling  a set of samples of what we have seen.
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When Did Challey Change It’s Name To Challah?

Can   anyone please tell  ud when Challey Change It’s Name To Challah?
98% of Jews that settled in America are of  Ashkenazic  background having  Grandparents hailing from Eastern Europe While less than 2% are from Sephardic background.So why change the name to suit the 2%.
I &  many New York Jews allways called the traditional braided egg bread a Challey and so did everyone else that I grew up with in New York City Which had the largest Jewish population worldwide next to Istrael.
At what juncture was it  changed to Challah,? To pronounce it Challah sound phoney and  contrived.Just like Yom Kippur (Kippoor) from Yom Kippa..
  Evenworse is when it is becoming spoken without the Chuff sound  and called a Hallah… Both sound equally stupid and absurbed.
It wasn’t before on or around  circa 1976 that Challey was sold all week.Before that only on Friday for Shabbus.
Bring back the true pronouceit”CHALLEY”and Yom Kippa.In any event enjoy the New Year.

A Happy Rosh Hashanah 2019 From The Staff At The Lerman Report .Com

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How Accurate Are All Those Ancestral DNA Home Kits?

           A Lerman Report Exclusive


Leonard Solomon Lerman w born 1925  an American scientist most noted for his work on DNA. Wikipedia Lerman, DNA researcher & co-inventor of DGGE, is born in Pittsburgh, PA. wonder what Leonard Lerman whould have to say on this matter).


A  One Minute Read….



Just how Accurate Are All Those Ancestral DNA Home Kits?

Let us start by saying that we read that a chimpanzee shares 99%  of our DNA.So in other words All these home kits take everyone back to hundred and thousands of years all the way the way back  to our  Neanderthal relative with that 1%? Come on give us a break.

An entire family took a DNA test from one of these popular DNA home testing kits.One of my staff members took such a test. It showed both him and his sister are listed as full brother and sister…yet DNA found relatives that are are his 2nd cousin are his sister’s distant is this possible?

Now a 2nd cousin is a close relative …. it means that one of your grandparents and their grandparents were siblings.It is impossible for you to have a 2nd cousin with a non half sibling and your siblings is their 6th cousin… Impossible.

Let us tell you our theory.What we believe what they are doing is merly conducting a deep computer search…90% deep computer searches and only 10% actual DNA testing….

Most people think of computer search engines as a relative new thing ..not so.

Computers go back hundreds of years.

Henry Faulds – Father of Fingerprints. Henry Faulds was a Scottish physician, missionary, and scientist who is noted for the development of fingerprints.


Then cames , F Galton an anthropologist and a cousin of Charles Darwin, began his observations of fingerprints as a means of identification in the in 1880.

So inorder to make any attempts at identifcations a computer is needed.Deep computer may contain restricted sealed records going back hundreds of years may be in play and may not be that small cup of spittle that we all send in…All records from School records to vital statistics from church recordings going back not only your time but your grandparents and beyond are all available in deep computer searches.


Is this how they determine to have you trade those Dutch Klogs for a pair of  Bruno Magli Shoes ….get the picture!






Reparations Will Further Destroy An Already Fractured American Society

Most if not all the Democratic Party feld if not all are promising black Americans reperations for slavery as part of both their campaign pledge & party’s platform.
All this “reparations”are is nothing but a big pandering ploy at campaign time.. nothing’ll never happen and each and every politician proposing it knows it all to well.
It will rip the nation apart.What person of color would not want a big pay out?
It’ll never pass muster in the Senate and from non African American’s both whites  & everyone else.
Rioting  most likely  will occur from both sides.
The best solution and compromise is to have a Marshall type plan for inner cities put into effect.
Reparations for slavery will never see  the light of day from Congress right to the populate..So we urge those on the campaign trail not to to promise what you can’t deliver and what your doing will  rip apart the nation.

Jews demand Eygpt Pay them reparations for building the below.


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