Boycott Elton John’s Farewell Tour



Everyone who is repulsed by Terrorism should boycott Elton John’s farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour.
Apparently Elton John sooner side with terrorists than their victims.
He recently announced his support for BDS & The Palestinians.All the  innocent lives that the Palestinians killed mean nothing to him.He finnally showed his true colors.It seems that for Elton John the end justifies the means..and Jewish lives are exspendable.Do not support this Anti Semite as his support for BDS is basically to bring down Israel’s by taking away the oxygen from Israel by  destroying Israel’s economy.So we urge everyone to stay away from his concerts and send him  a message that support of terrorists will not be tolerated
So stay home from any of his performances.
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Elton John to Palestine: ‘You are not alone. You are not forgotten’Image result for hand pointing picture

Elton John: “I’s my great pleasure to be playing in Palestine .Image result for hand pointing picture



Sad To Say That Halloween Is Being Ruined By Vandals

  Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign Sad to say that Halloween has been hijacked by Vandals. A few lowlifes will throw away all sence of decency  and propriety finding totally acceptable to spray paint & throw eggs on cars.
They are ruining a once fun Holiday for those who enjoy trick or treating and attending costume parties..When someone steals a trick or treaters  collected candy or eggs a car and ruins the those effected find no humor in & that is not what Halloween was ever intended for.
Worse yet theses thugs will have no compunction whatsoever to spray paints someones fence or brick work and cause thousands of dollars in damage..Not to be out done there is toilet Papering…where a several rolls of Toilet paper are thrown onto a tree on someone property forcing he land lords to hire a cleaning crew at least several hundred dollars to remove it.
It almost reminds us of the current movie “The Purge”(where  once a year there is no law and you murder ..maim or desrtroy  for 8 hours)
  Many communities have banned Halloween because of that and imposed curfew after 7pm because of the behavior of these bums.Allthough few in numbers compared to those who don’t run amuck they are still in high numbers to ruin a pleasant day

             Vandals Spoil Halloween

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Israel Made A Big Mistake Releasing Ahed Tamimi From Prision

    Israel made a major blunder by allowing  Ahed Tamimi to receive a short sentence for assaulting an IDF Soldier.In any other Nation she’d be sentenced to 10 years hard labor for the same crime.On any U.S.Mass Transit system it is posted on each & every Bus… Subway Train or Computer Rail Car that assaulting any crew member it is exactly as if you assaulted a Police Officer with a minimum of 8 years incarceration.Yes she is only 17 years old and that was taken in consideration at  her sentencing hearing.She free now..gained quite a bit of weight while serving her very short sentance..unlike Israeli prisoners in Arab captivity who if ever released return emaciated.
While she cut a big brake with a short sentence she is wastes absolutely no time hitting the propaganda trail trashing Israel from pillar to post.Perhaps she is unaware but is being used as pawn by those who are running the Palestinian media blitz.Her release sends the wrong message to others such BDS adherents and other Anti Israel Jewish Organization’s that if your arrested causing trouble then expect to receive only a slap on the wrists. A 3 year mandatory sentence for anyone from an Anti Jewish or Anti Israel outfit coming into Israel to make trouble should be imposed…no nation…no world leader any exclamation as why they arrest and put away rabble rouses.
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

Ahed Tamimi – WikipediaImage result for hand pointing picture

Israel: Palestinian Ahed Tamimi ‘banned from travelling abroad …Image result for hand pointing picture

Ahed Tamimi Finally Travels to France Despite Israeli Obstacles …Image result for hand pointing picture

Spanish soccer club honors activist Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi …Image result for hand pointing picture

Israel passes law to bar BDS supporters from entering the countryImage result for hand pointing picture

Israel bans Spanish BDS activist from entering country – Middle East …Image result for hand pointing picture

Barred Jewish-American BDS activist plots new way to enter Israel ..Image result for hand pointing picture



New Way Companies Are Doing Buisness..Leaving No Contact Phone Numbers.

frustrated costumer pulls his hair and screams


  We don’t know about you but We have been a situations where we had to get ian touch with some particular Companies that we are doing buisness with.
They hide or  downright omit it from either their web page or  make sure that it never appears on any search engine.There other  outfits that all though lost their phone numbers..They make certain that their mail box is always full..thus impossible to leave a message .
Others will put you on hold and after hope that after holding on for 10 minutes that you get disgusted and hang up..guess? Even if you stay on the line they will hang up on you & pretend it’s a malfunction.


Some outfits will post a contact page which intended for customers to leave their complaints..Most of the time issues that they give you to click on does not pertain to your problem whatsoever.However 999 out of 1,000 times you will never get reply back anyway.The law should be written as making it mandatory for them have an active contact number.


We all have to face up to reality that they do not want to speak to anyone who has a problem with their company other word they take your money a run.No different then fly by night outfit.Keep this in mind an  honest reperable company wants to correct something that went wrong with their product or services….They don’t!
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U.S.Woman’s Army Corps Picture Being Circulated With WAC Wearing A Keffiyeh

Just who is responsible for this picture of an American WAC sporting a Palestinian Hamas/El Fatah keffiyeh on her uniform? Is the Pentagon aware of this? What about the Department of the Army were they  in the loop on how this picture became made and circulated?

Any time a U.S.uniform complete with official insignia’s are used in either a movie..T.V.Show, Commercial or Print add  it must have the official permission from the particular branch of service.This print add was not created hap hazard band neither by accident but deliberately created having an American woman soldier wearing a symbol of Terrorists and resistance against Israel.


Even though the ads picture is right in your face it still resonates sort of a subliminal style of  message.Whoever put this add together wanted to make a political statement that is contrary to the to  the current Trump Administrations U.S. policy and at the same time attempt to manipulated your sympathies visa vie the Arab Israeli conflict.


Who commissioned this add with featuring an American Service member wearing  a keffiyeh as part of their uniform?
The  keffiyeh is not GI issue  and wearing it disgraces the uniform.Somebody at the pentagon had to both commission and approve this add.While complements and alcaldes poured in on Facebook to what seemed to be a proud woman serving her country one seemed to question the keffiyeh on her uniform except the members of The Lerman Report Staff.
Although the add does not actually say U.S.Army it is meant to appear that it is.

We are intimating an enquiry and will find out who the culprits are.
A Lerman Report Exclusive… Are T.V. Networks & Commercials ..Image result for hand pointing picture
Did The Palestinian Propaganda Machine Hire … – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
Palestinian keffiyeh – WikipediaImage result for hand pointing picture
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The Sukkus Is Coming To Town(2018)

Sukkot in 2018 will start on Monday, the 24th of September (24/9/2018) and will continue for 7 days until Sunday, the 30th of September.9

I  remember Sukkot 1967 I was in Paris Island  S.C. attending  Marine Corps Boot Camp and the Savanna  Jewish Center would make a Sukkah and stock it with fresh fruit and wine right on Paris Island .It was welcome site from the rigors of recruit training.

Because they couldn’t interupt the Saturday Training Schedule hence the Jewish recruits had to have their weekly services on a Sunday’s & as sort of consilation the Jewish Personel we were told that they would be  taken to Savanna Georgia to attend services on Yom Kippur. If that not all a lavish catered meal was supplied for us in a Catering Hall just like a Bar Mitzvah or Wedding right after the services. I thought it was the greatest thing ever done for us. In addition every Sunday they had Bagels and Lox waiting for us outside of the Activities Building were our services were conducted. I will never foget what the Savanna Jews  Community did for the Jews and Myself when  we attended Boot Camp.

I don’t know if that Savanna Jewish community remains there today in  or if  are do they still help the  recruits the way they did back then But I would like to find out and make a  long over due donation to them if they are still in business..

 *Sukkus- Ashenazic pronouciation of sukkot   Me on Yom Kippur at The Savanna Jewish Center 1967

Welcome To The Lerman Report Now With New Easy Navigation

 Welcome To the Lerman Report


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