Dems Say Violence in Oregon Ok Because It Occured At Night




l Let Us Start  Let Us Start by saying that Merrick Garland Nominee For Attorney General said It first that the Violence in Oregon Ok Because It Occured At Night.That’s utterly the most outrageous statement that ever heard.Thats Akin to saying that a senseless killing on the lower East side..a man was murdered for a mere $2 found in his wallet ..While Uptown a murder occured and the robbers took$10,000 from the victim

Violence is Violence  At Daytime or at Nighttime.What they’re Implying is that those rioters we’re merely protesters because it was done at night..Whould they use this same logic if their Own Property was burned and looted like all those retail stores


Yes this particular capital  building was at daytime  but not once in any media outlet when President Trump was blamed for the mob violence at the Capital Building did they preface it with the term “ALLEDGED” 


Those responsible for  Burning And Looting  our cities and harassment of diners may never be brought to justice but Mayors And Governors who let this occur unabated  and gave Carte Blanche To Rioters must be brought onto the carpet and pay the piper
We heard quite a few Pundits and Ponifacators on news talk shows use that logic when they were guests on T.V.
Vilolance is Violence  whet it occurs daytime or nightime


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