What Does Global Climate Change And Covid Nine Teeeen Have In Common..Well Tell You..Stick Around

“Theory OF The Year”


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  You Ask What Does Global Clinate Change And Covid 19 Have In Common?..We Believe In Our Heart of Hearts That The Various World Wide Goverments Have Their Foot Prints Formed In These Two Fiascos.
My Father Who Was An Talk Radio Devotee Told Me Something That I’ll Never Forget. He Went On In Great Detail How He Heard That The Goverment Is Exspirmenting  With Controling The Wheather. His Understanding Was That It Was To Be Used To Quell Riots And Aproaching Invading Armies Thus Creating An Uncomfortable Wheather Condotions
For The Life Of Me I Don’t Accually  Recall Where Or When He Heard About It..Maybe I Did But I Took His Story Just A Current Bluster Or Every Day Chatter And Didn’t Believe That It Had Any Merit  AtcThe Time And I Didn’t Bother Writing Any Of It Down. 
We At The Lerman Report In A Previous Post Went On In Great Detail On How China Owns Us Lock Stockman Barrel  First It Was Global Warming Not All Of A Sudden Scientist ls World-Wide Made A Mistake And Changed It And Said Its Accually  Climate Change.



This Climate Change Aling With The Coronavirus  Reeks Of Globist New World Order..Throw  In Open Borders .Throw  In No More Equally For All But Here In America Lay All Blame On The White Man.Have Massive Immigration At A Tine When America Is Exsprencing Record  Breaking Levels Of Unemployment.We Got To Conclude That Perhaps World Leaders Are Together  In Tgus Pand..After We Saw Former President Obama bQRm Americans About This Over 8 Years Ago..Things That Make Say Hmmm.
We recall only last week.on the evening news that they had made mention of the Grid in Texas..all of a sudden certain areas in Texas around a particular perifery had snow and sub freezing temperatures of -20 below zero.Keep in mind those areas in Texas are Warm all year like South Florida.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gets on TV and instead giving them words of support chides them for not upgrading Electric Grid..(sort of blaming the victim) Hmm Grid goes on the blink in the area that the new was talking about a week ago? Perhaps we’re  mistaken but can’t that be  misconstrued of sorts of like of a veiled threat of I warned you so.l? Plus let us emphasize that only in certain areas that President will only give relief funds in Texas not the not the entire state..Sounds more like Controling the Weather pin pointing on certain areas doesn’t it?


What International Globists Want Is One Race One Relgion World-Wide.Sounds Good But We’ll  Stick With The  Present Status Quo. Dont Tell Anyone Who They Must Marry Or What Faith That They Must Raise Their  Family  In..Thats Un American.  .In Closing We Remain Highky Skeptical  Of All This Climate Change ..Whats Your Take….


A Moritorium On all Immigration To The U.S.A


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The Big Lie That Uncle Sam Has Been Feeding Us Concerning China For The Past 70 Years..
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Will Capitulation to Fake Climate Change or Changes in American Politics Create Future Immigration From The U.S.A. To Another Country?
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As Americans We Must Fight & Resist The Globalists At All Costs…


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