Boycott All Items From China


Boycott All Items Manufactured..Assembled Grown Or Distributed From Red China.
Make No Mistake About It. China Is No Friend To The U.S…The West..The East The South..The North.Anywhere. They Are Out To InThe WorssOf Another Communist  Nikita Krushev”We Will Bury You”.

Took 4 Years For Our Navy Too Jockey Around With Our Marines And Go Island Hoping..To Capture The Pacifc Rim.. China  Has Built A Plethura Of Artificial Islands And Now Contolls The Pacic Ocean..

They Control The Entire Fish Farming Industry..Feeding That Fish Stock With Pug Dung..They Control All Sustainable Fish Sold At EBy Every Fish MongerThrougout America..The Frivpolous Crap Sold At All These Dollar $tores Right Up To All Those Bigh Tech Items That Everyone Needs And Uses Today..Uncle Same Is In Debt To Them In The Tune Of Billion$.
When We See Al Of Our Igor Politicians That Lining Up  As If There To To Once Again ..They Have Have To Have To Have A Conection Of Some Sort. And Are Basically  Looking To Curry Favor To Do Business There..You Better Believe It.
We All Praised Then Secretary Of State Henry Kissingrr Wirh His Majical Detonate..

Getting to Beijing: Henry Kissinger’s Secret 1971 Trip | US-China Institute
So In The Near Future We Will All Aware Of Any And All Financial Dealing In Which vHenery Kissingrer Was OartcAnd Parcial And If An Profiting Was Made Towards Him..
So How Many Remember The Anti Frezze In Toothpaste Imprted Crom American Companies That Had Their Products  Made In China?
Nowthe Knew This 40 Years Back That Nearly All Dog Food Comes From China..U.S.and International vDog Foid Outfit  Give China Their Receipes And China Cans It Lables  It All According To Dig Foid Companies Instuctions..Remember When We Had A Big Major Problem cWith Nearly  All Dog Cood From China?Thats Because  One Company Makes Nearly  90% Of American  Dog Foods..Just Like Our Coffee  Manor Food Companies  Never Touch Thier  Product..

Let Us Never Forger That China Has Labor

So Its Up To Everyone..oi oit Feed Into Their Econmomy..Avoid Dollar Marts If Your About To Take An MRI or Otger Big Test And  Sse The Name On The Machine That Your Medical Facility  And It Was Nade In China Then Insist On Taking It Elsewhere 
We Drew Up The Nafta Aggrement  To Thwart Chinese  Imports At The  Same Time Rebuild The Central American Economy. WOMEN Agreeded To HavingcGoods Trucked Across Our Border Duty Free. ..However  American  Movers And Shakers As Well As All Those In The Know American Importers Had An “In” Which Certain Big Wigs In China  Sooner Had Their Good Made There And,Pay The Tarif.
We  Are In  A Pandemic. dmDies Anyone A Accually Know What’s China  Is Capible Of?
..Are Pumping Out More Covid On A Daily Basis?
We All Must Do Our Fair Share And Little By Little  Avoid ..Buy And Eventually Boycott  All And All Goods Coming From China
Last But Not Least  China Maintains Slave Labor From Thier Northern Provences Mainly Muslims Population  The  Uyghurs. Please Stop Buying Tgeur Goods Many Are Prodced With Slave Labor. When We Se China President All Decked Out In Very Exspensive Finely Tailored 2 Peice Suit…So Costly That It Would  Make A Brooks Bros.Suit Rival One Bought At Robert HallHe Still Is Nothing But A Bum In A Suit.Nothing More.
HOW DOES CHINA INFLUENCE THE U.S. DOLLAR? – THE BALANCEImage result for hand pointing pictureI
LET’S FACE IT, CHINA RUNS U.S. MONETARY POLICY NOW – TIMEImage result for hand pointing picture
CHINA OWNS US DEBT, BUT HOW MUCH? | INVESTOPEDIAImage result for hand pointing picture
AMERICA OWES CHINA $1TN. THAT’S A PROBLEM FOR BEIJING, AND TRUMP …Image result for hand pointing picture



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