Don’t Ever Buy A Best Buy Service Contracts Or Product Insurance.

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  If there is one bit of advice I’d care to pass on to other shoppers is.. Do not even take out a Best Buy Insurance policy or service contract on any thing that you purchase from their store. Remember the Movie Men of Honor staring Cuba Gooding Jr.?  Well I consider Best Buy is Men Without Honor. In July 2016  I got a new cell phone from Best Buy, thou my cell phone is part of a family plan it’s under a family plan administered on under my sister name, I have my own line and decided after the salesman spoke to me to Buy separate insurance coverage for my cell phone, the works Water Damage, Thief, and Breakage I put the insurance under my name and  instructed the Best Buy salesman that it is exclusively for my line only.. I then paid with my debit card and my debit card only and gave Best Buy privileges to withdraw the monthly charges from my checking account and my account only . They initially took out payments.. Now I give quite few other outfits drawing privileges from my checking account also.. My 2 Gyms Several Dating sites, My Satellite radio for my car. Now I left Best Buy put my receipt of the new cell phones  in the original  box and stored it away for safe keeping.. and in doing so slept comfortably that I’m covered if anything happens.



Face forward to April of 2017, I’m having massive WiFi issues I went back to Best Buy showed them the insurance policy and receipt and they informed me that I was dropped from any coverage for lack of payment.. Hiw can that be in asked.. They said that the bank refused to remit the monthly stipend. Apparently they went to someone else’s bank.I double checked the receipt…it taken out on by me but they went to somebody else’s bank not  mine and well you guessed it that persons bank who wasn’t involved on my sale in any way shape or form didn’t remit any money.. Now every outfit that I’ve given withdrawing privileges at times don’t pull the money every month but stack payments up into a balloon payment..
This is common practice in business who have withdrawing privileges.. They never contacted me in any way to tell me that my account is in jeopardy for non payment not by text, cell phone message or phone call, E mail, U.S. Postal service mail,  Western Union Telegram, Fed X, Ups, Facebook, Smoke Signals, or Personal Courier. In other words I was not in any way notified. They gave me some double talk thst they emailed me my sister the owner of the family plan.. A big bold face lie. My sister checked  all her texted messages and E mail archives .. What thay told me is not true at all. Now I’m forced to purchase a new cell phone at the cost of $700. I was engaged in conversation with the store manager for two hours to no avail, at that point I called thier customer are department. I spoke to 3 separate individuals who sounded like they were from behind the Iron Curtain. They had very little command olive the English language . now while I’m all for everyone putting  food on the table for their family and paying the landlord, however If English is not your first language than you really shouldn’t be in a position to pull any sort of phone duty..
I believe that they outsourced their customer service department.. What a shame. Bottom line instead of purchasing any coverage from Best Buy  bring all your money over to your toilet bowl and flush it down to the drain.. It quicker, it’s easier either way you’ll never see your hard earned money againRelated image
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The Lerman Report Staff

The Lerman Repirt Staff

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