The Lerman Report Idea For Distribution Of Covid Vaccinations


The Lerman Report Idea For Distribution Of Covid Vaccinations. It’s Not To Late To Implement Our Plan.First Off Have A Fleet Of Military Duece And A 1/2 Trucks Come To Every Neighborhood Filled With Corpsman Or Medics.
Have Army Troops Form Sort Of Human Link Chain Around The Periphery Of Neighborhood  As Each Area Is Being  Administrated.
Do Block By Block The Same Way Mr Softee Used To Come Around To Every Neighborhood Just  Like Back In The Day.When Mr.Softee Played Their Familiar Music Evey Shmuck And His Brother Ran Likes Theives And Lined Up For Thier Good Old Thick Shack Float
If The Public Can Line Up  For A Mere Sundae We’re Pretty Sure That They’ll Line Up For A Vaccine To Save Their Lives..Go Neighborhood By Neighborhood..Block By Block..Like We Said Take A Page From The 1960’s Mr Softee Playbook

Think About What We Just Said.

WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture
* Mr Softee Is A Trade Name And Is Not Involved In  Our Plan Or Post 

The Lerman Report Staff

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