Unions Are Obsolete…Had Its Purpose Back In The Sweat Shop Day..But Today Just A Government Within A Government..Bye Bye





Unions Are Obsolete…Had Its Purpose Back In The Sweat Shop Day..But Today Just A Government Within A Government..Bye Bye.

Ever Hear About The Fire At The Triangle Shirt Waist Factory. The Owner chained and Padlocked The Doors Shut So As Employees Don’t Skip Out With Merchadise While HeWent On His Lunch Hour. It Was Brutal Woman Jumped 6 Stories To Their Death Rather Than Be Burnt Alive..A True Tragedy.

However Those Days Are long Gone.Today Unless You Have AJob Where You Can Squeeze You’ll vowing up with Squat. Essentially Services..Police, Fire Dept, Santation,Truckers And I’ll Include The Transportation Industry(Airlines,Rails& Buses).

However TodayAll  Unions Do Little But Exstract Money From Your Pay Check..Its called Dues & Innitiation Fees.I Belonged AUnion In which For The Purpose Of This Post It Will Remain Nameless..

What I Whould Characterize As Crooked As They Come..We Had An Employee Association..We’d Rwnt A Small Conference Room At A Local Motel & Have Our Meetings..Well We Voted Unanimously  To Strike.

Many Mainstream Unions Approached US To Join UpvWith Thier Particular Union. We picked One Gave Us Breakfast Money And  A  $30 AWeek Strike Pay Stipend.

IF You Chose To Strike That Is Sort Of A Self Inflicted Injury  Hence The Unemployment Agency  Places A Penalty Of 2 Months Before You  Can Collect. 

Our Boss Sent Out Mailings To Every Employee..

“It’s Freezing Ouside Come Back To Work And Well Negotiate While Your In A Nice Warm Building “

Our Union Delagate Screamed Back” We’ll Return Only With a Signed Contract..Every Week For Months We Receive md The Same Letter From The Boss And With Each And Every One Of The Bosses Letters To Return And Negotiate At A Nice Warm Workplace.

Guess What The Day That We Were About  To Receive Our Unemployment With Concuring Our 2 Month Penalty The Business Agent Sends Us Back To Work Without A Contract. And He Sold Us Out Giving The Boss A SweetHeart Deal

I Will Take My Chances Without A Union Kissing The Bosses  Ass Or Work Extra  Hard To Get Ahead.Like My Grandfather  Used To Say “Hard Work And Earnest Effort Brings Success “

Think About What We Just Said.

WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

The Lerman Report Staff.

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