American Culture Is All Due To Manipulation
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American Culture Is All Due From Massive Bombardement Of Advertisements…New Euphemisms..Slang Words..Code Words…Different Emphasis and The Key Usage Of Cetain Words In our Daily Vocabulary. 
  Every 10 To12 Years  Americans Undergoes Masive Manipulation by Media As Well  As All Those New Hairstyles..New Hair Lengths and a brand new style of music.
Ever notice that if your a German or Russian or a Frenchman  or an Italian living in and growing up in your perspective Nations in Euroupe or any other continent that your culture.. clothing styles and Music is the basically the exact same as every generation before yours?
Your style or manner is no different than your grandparents.
Like we just made mention before America’s  generations changes drastically every 10 to 12 years.Those of the previous generation in America that don’t change and bow down to peer pressure from massive amounts of peer  pressure And commercial  bombardment  are labeled Old School..Squares or Nerds.
Those who grew up in the 1920’s are different than those who grew up in the 30s..40’s,50’s  60’s and so on get the picture?
In America the media manipulates not only our clothing style but the way we style including hair our hair length
While in Europe watch kids growing up listen to the same music as the grandparents did.
With a small exception today due to internet and T.V.  all through out the World each &  every generation will continue to grow up with the same style as their great grandparents.
America marches to a beat of a different drum…all manipulated by massive bombardment of commercials,music and the new trendy clothing that we all must have leash Dance Today In Moscow  Same As Back In Your Great Grandfather Day…See What We Mean?

Think About What We Just Said.

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The Lerman Report Staff.

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