Concerning The Impeachment

USA Today


Let Us Start Off By Saying The Exact Same Legislators That Were In Office When Trump Was In Office Should Be The Only Legislators  Allowed To Sit In On The Impeachment.
This Trial Is The Most Diviaive Vindictive Untertaking  That Any Session Of Congress Has Ever Untertaking In The Nations Entire History.
To Be Done After Trump Left Office As Akin To A Kangaroo Court. To Now Have A Different Cast Of Characters Passing Judgment On Ex Prediident Trump It Flies In The Face Of  American Jurisprudence.It is Sort Of  Stacked Deck if  They Are Not The Same Legislators As Before .

In Our OpinionThe Real Reason That We Are Seeing Pominent Top Republican Legislators Jumping Ship And We Have To Take In Consideration Is That Perhaps It’s Inorder To Gaurantee their Pet Projects Makes Its Way into the Pork Barrel & To Become eligible To Become Future Lobbyists…
After All The Democrats Will Have A Lock On Everything ..Majority In The House ..Majority In The Senate..As Well  As Having  A Democrat President Who Sits InThe Oval Office.


Soon When DC Becomes a State There Will Be 2 More Democrat Senators..And Lets Not Forget All These Immigrants Comming Through Our Southern Border And Middle East With A Quick Pathway To Citizenship..Guess What?Democrats Will  No Longer Need Any Republican  Participation.We All Can See That  By Jumping Ship Those Turncoat  Republicans Will Bring On The Death Knell Of The Republicans Party ..They Got To Know That All To Well That Thier Actions Wlll Bring That About .
They Where Their Bread Is Buttered!
What They Intend On Doing IsTo Make Certain No Schools..Bridges ,Federal Buildings Or Even A Park Bench Can Ever Be Named After Trump .They Will Make Trump Into A Pariah Like That Of An OJ Simpson.
Keep This In Mind If They Can Do This To An  Exstreamly Rich Man Than  What Chance Does The Average American Ever Have Running For Office If This Opposition Democrat Party  Can Do This To A Sitting President From Day One Of His Term  And Keep It Going Untill He’s  Made Into A Nothing.
In Closing  We Saw Tapes In Where Leading Democrats Where Calling For More Rioting Prior The DisturbanceOn Capital Hill..It Is Beyond The Pot Calling The Kettle Black.

     Democrats Nothing But A Bunch Of Hyprocites 

       Watch  For Yourself You Be The Judge 


Moses Lerman Blog Administrator and Editor 

               The Lerman Report Staff 


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