Biden Has Painted Himself Into A Corner Won’t Be Able To Heal A Divided Nation




  Let Me Start Biden Has Painted Himself Into A Corner Won’t Be Able To Heal A Divine Nation .
While Biden’s calling for calm and healing  From What We See And Hear Those close to his administration What best can be described as perhaps Surrogates Or Proxy’s calling for DeProgramimg Camps To cure those who and we quote them from Brainwashing In Supporting the cult of Trump..Since when is having an opposing  Political View A Sickness?If It is then Democrats Are inflicted with that psychosis As Well…Bidden  first Act As President will be to sign Presidential Directives undoing  laws that Trump inacted…Open Borders Stop the Building of The Border Wall..Repeal Ban on Muslim  Nations Travel..Say hello to Middle East Immigratiion which will tip the ballot box against Christians and Jews..


We Explore You To Use Your Influence As Commander In Chief To Have This Move To Impeachment  Trump Stopped & Nipped In The Bud Right Now.This BS of he orchestrated an Insurrection is the height of insulting and mean Spiritness .To attempt to make A Pariah out of Trump  and Put Him in a class of OJ Simpson and Ultimately Ruin His legacy  is Never Anyway To Pull this nation together.


Our Northern  Canadian Border  gets no coverage but many seek in from the confines of The US Canadian border as well as commiung in on international flights and overstating their visas.Our Water Supply is low  ,our garbage dump are already filled to capacity Now we need new Recycling  facilities to handle  all the extra incoming  population.


Schools will become way overcrowded..School districts and School Zones will be combined throughout the nation.We are no longer an industrialized nation..Just What job’s Are all these immigrants  going  to have? Oh We Forget  there going  to receive a cornucopia of freebies..SSI.Medicade .Child Care, Food Stamps and a subsided apartment for 6 years.Plus $1,800 relocation  fee for every person in their  family. So tell Uncle Tanoose and Senior  Wenteze to let everyone  in his family and village know that  because we will have Chain migration once again.


New York Governor Coumpnwant to give Daca immigrants  free! An American citizen has to pay $$40,000 per Semister thats $80,000Year over a Half a million for 4 years.
The high wage earner will get bye basically  unscathed but the average working  stiff will get burnt Paying tax upon tax upon tax. 


We say out evert able bodied  male Immigrant in the army for 6 years ..don’t worry about his family  getting support  uncle Sam  will be there. Whatever was to be spent on the Border wall will be resoentbonIce Agents and Border  police to facilitate these arrivals of millions more peoples at our  southern border.promising to Reinstate the Iranian Nuclear Deal Giving Iran a fast track to an Atom Bomb and mire money to sponsor  Terrorism  with their  proxy Armies .


He promised  to Reopen The US Political Headquarters  with The Palestinian Authority who pay rewards to those who kill Jews.Siet if Implying that their murdering of Jews was Ok as the end justifies the means..


What disturbs us the most is the Press acted and took a different role in the last 4 years . It seems that the line was Blured between  News and Commentary.Does they still consider themselves Journalists?Because we Don’t. Included  among that crowd we will lump all those actors  voicing Thier opinion  against Trump..We have to believe in our hearts of hearts that perhaps the studios are having then speak out on hot button issues  and against knocking Trump from Pillar To Post from day one of his tenure in the invaluable office.



These members of the media and Actors will always be above the Fray and will never suffer one ioda of a bead if sweat  as tge8will become a protected  class in any socialist nation..Sad ..very sad indeed. 
So In closing  We will say this although Trump  Places suspicion on the Election outcome we  will pass on that issue and let it slide.What s Trumps Disctractors said  and yelled about Trump “Not My President”..Bidden is Our President ..But he has to stop this insanity of repealing what Trump’ll  never heal the nation that way.



Moses Lerman Blog Administrator and Editor 

The Lerman Report Staff

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