Confederate Flag Today Is No Different Than Nazi Flag


The Confederate Flag Today Is No Different Than a Nazi Flag. It has Morphed  and had become a symbal of bigotry and hate Its now is a favorite among the KKK,Neo Nazi’s and White Supremacists.This Hate Symbol is has resurfaced only after a mass killing . It has become a political football at this time so close to the Repubican primary and shouldn’t have been  allowed.

It has become a symbal of hate and should  be removed from all southern state offices.

I say this as a someone whose family lived in the Confederacy during the Civil War And Served In their Army.My family Fled the South during reconstruction as there no work and settled went back to What was then called Russia-Poland only for 6 short years only to leave during the pogroms  settling  in Cuba..My Great Grandfather came her in 1872.

While his father and older Brother  was refused an immigration visa to move here as they were expatriates of the Confederacy my Great Grandfather  whom I’m  named after was allowed entry into the U.S.arriving at at Castle Garden before there wasban Elis Island  Immigration Center.start a new life her in America. My Great Grandparents whouks travel once a year to met his father and older brother living in Cuba  who came to Miami via the shuttle  from Havana.Make no mistake about it when you witness The Stars and Bars being unhurried  at a rally  its in your face hatred ..nothing  more.

At one time  all those living  down South like my Great  Great Grandfather were not Slave owners but  was a tailor who liived there and made their  living there .Not all southerners  were  plantation owners.Its A Sad chapters in American and World history that slavery was the norm and accepted..Sometime the Norm is not good..
If everything pulled down their  pants and Crapped in the street like a Dog that would  be the Norm.
I would be considered “Not Normal” for continuing to making their bal movement in the confines of their home  behind  closed doors on a comode..Slavery was the the norm.

No Honor in Waving The Confederate Flag Today


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File:Movable shelving at The National Archives.jpg

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